Giving Gift Cards World Vision #WorldVisionGifts

World Vision Gift

The holidays are in full swing. Everywhere I look, whether at my children’s school or while shopping, there is holiday décor! The snow here has also arrived, so throw in the Christmas music and it’s perfect! However, Christmas isn’t the same for everyone. Around the globe, there are so many without. To them, Christmas doesn’t come. Thankfully, we have the opportunity, thanks to World Vision Giving Gift Cards, to change that and make a difference in their lives, year round! {Read More}

How to Create an Email Template for Gmail {Great Resource Tip}


When it comes to time, I seem to have less and less of it each day. So anything that makes my daily tasks easier is a life-saver in my book! Since email is one of the things I get the pleasure of doing everyday {whether I like it or not}, I wanted to create a few easy templates that I could use to save a ton of time. So if you want to save a ton of time and use Gmail, {Read More}

Save Money on Cat Food

Save Money on Cat Food

Pets are expensive. With meals, toys and vet care monthly, it can seriously start to add up fast. Thankfully, saving money is possible. To save money on cat food, you don`t need to spend countless hours searching for deals and coupons. These simple tips can help you start saving in no time at all! Utilizing authentic coupons, having a realistic goal and finding the best retailer to use your coupon are just some of the first steps at success! Use {Read More}

Gingerbread Teapot Cookies

Gingerbread Teapot Cookies

I have been cake decorating for a few years now. I am self-taught and it is something I really enjoy doing. However, one area of decorating I haven’t tried is cookies. I love to make and eat cookies, but decided it was time to challenge myself to something new. I decided to start by making Gingerbread Teapot Cookies. While they were really only my first decorating practice run, they were delicious and adorable!  For the recipe, I used Sweetopia’s Gingerbread Cookie Recipe. I wanted one {Read More}

Delicious Dessert Ideas Medifast

Delicious Dessert Ideas

I love dessert. If it was realistic and healthy, I would eat dessert at every single meal. Unfortunately, it is not. I find I am most tempted to eat something yummy in the evening. Thankfully, Medifast has a good number of delicious dessert ideas that require either no or little prep! I think it is so important to enjoy something yummy daily and Medifast makes that possible! I have several Medifast dessert favourites. Since I am a chocolate lover, the {Read More}

Two Toned Cupcakes Tutorial

Two Toned Cupcakes

Baking is one of my favourite hobbies. I have enjoyed delicious goodies since I was a child and started baking as a teenager. My dad always loved my baking, so it was definitely encouragement for me. Surprisingly, however, I didn’t start decorating until my late 20s. It had always interested me, but I never really put much thought into it. To share in my knowledge, I have put together this two-toned cupcake tutorial. You will be able to create two-toned cupcakes {Read More}

Art for the Holidays #FulcrumGallery

Art for the Holidays

My real love for art started many Christmases ago. We were in a new home and looking at enjoying our first Christmas there. I was writing a Christmas list for my husband and was focused on apparel. Despite my continued reminders, my husband ended up purchasing me several framed art prints. At first, I was disappointed because I really wanted some new clothes. However, I couldn’t be more glad he made that choice. I still have all the art prints and they hang proudly in my {Read More}