Finish Dishwasher Cleaner to the Rescue

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner

Growing up, we never had a dishwasher. My first experience with a dishwasher came in my first home. For me, not having to spend an hour or so a day cleaning dishes was fantastic. I was not only saving time, but also money. The cost of all the water I was using hand cleaning my dishes versus what my dishwasher could do was significant. Since my first home, I have continued to have a dishwasher in each residence. I loved some dishwashers {Read More}

Get Your Nails Back to School Fabulous – KISS #Giveaway


Up until a few months ago, my nail regimen to date only ever involved nail polish. For my friend’s wedding last year, I had my nails done for the first time. It was fabulous and ever since I daydreamed about getting them done again. However, I live in a very small town. There is only one or two people that do nails here and at the time, they weren’t taking clients. Thus, I was left without options, or so I {Read More}

Pumpkin Banana Bread

Pumpkin Banana Bread Pic

From my window, I can look out and see all the gorgeous trees that have changed into their fall colours! The outdoors really has such a fantastic way to decorate for the change of seasons. I love to sit at my dining room table with a delicious tea and treat and just enjoy the view. For a recent treat, I decided to change up my usual banana bread recipe with pumpkin. Bringing together both into a yummy Pumpkin Banana Bread {Read More}

Twisted Halloween Cookie House

Twisted Halloween Cookie House

Holiday baking has always been a must in my life. It is one of those things that just has to happen for me to really enjoy the holidays. Plus, yummy treats always go over well with everyone. Well I normally associated most of my holiday baking for Christmas, I have really been enjoying creating some fabulous Halloween treats this year. Well out shopping a week ago, I came upon the Pre-Assembled Wilton Halloween Cookie House. The house is already frosted {Read More}

Figaro’s Favourite Cat Treats

Figaro's Favourite Cat Treats Pic

On top of their dry and wet food, my cats enjoy cat treats. The moment they hear the crinkle of a bag, they are meowing for treats. I try to keep a good stash of cat treats on hand for that occasional late-night kitty snack! However, cat treats are not cheap. I usually try to buy them when they are on sale, but in all honesty, they rarely go on sale and I am left paying full price. With 9 {Read More}

Tips for Playing Indoors + Hot Wheels Giveaway


It’s officially Fall! I have waited all year for this season. Plus, it is one step closer to colder weather. As much as my kids enjoyed the summer heat, I am ready for a change. The snow flies around October, so it will be interesting to see how long we get to enjoy Fall before Winter hits. For kids, colder weather means indoor activities. Thankfully, there are many ways to build and create with your children inside this fall. These tips for {Read More}