How to Survive Road Trips with Kids

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens was compensated for this post. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

There is nothing quite as family-oriented and traditional as road trips with kids! After all, what better way to remind us why we love our family than sitting in a car for hours together. With the summer weather to enjoy and adventure on the horizon, it can’t be avoided.

I can remember road trips as a child and honestly, they weren’t too bad. I think what stood out most was the fact my mom always came prepared. We had games, books, snacks and so much more to keep us busy and occupied. I didn’t understand how hard a task it was at the time, but now as a mom, I get it. Keeping kids entertained in a car for hours isn’t for the weak of heart! 

Road Trips with Kids

How to survive a road trip with kids isn’t rocket science. It is all about organization and preparation. Hopefully, these tips will get you to your destination and back again with your sanity still in check! {hehe}

1.  Pack Gravol for kids. My son is notorious for getting car sick, so I won’t go anywhere without Gravol. It is better to be prepared and watch for the warning signs of motion sickness, than to spend hours cleaning out the car after an accident. 

2.  Bring snacks. Kids eat a lot. Make sure to bring snacks that won’t cause a mess and are easy to eat in the car.

3.  Prepare road-trip ready activities. Depending on your child’s age, this could range from handheld games, colouring books, sketch boards, etc. There are so many free printables online that you can’t really go wrong.   

4.  Plan stops. With kids, you definitely need to take breaks, get out of the car to stretch, etc. 

5.  Enjoy yourself! Children learn from example. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, neither will your child. Keep your attitude positive and watch it rub off on them!

Road Trips with Kids Gravol
 Looking for more road trip planning tips? offers quick road trip planning tips that will help provide a smooth and comfortable ride for all.

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Bubble Guppies Get Ready for School DVD

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens did receive a DVD to review for this post. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

Summer is in full swing. The kids are able to get out and play! Hard to imagine that in just under two months, it will be back to school!

The newest release from Bubble Guppies is Get Ready for School and releases on July 29th! It is a fabulous way to get the kids to start thinking about school again! Plus, there is a Bubble Guppies Pencil Case included with the DVD!

Bubble GuppiesGet Ready for School!
Oona’s worried about her little friend, Avi! It’s his first day of school and he’s nervous. From cubbies to free play, the Guppies show viewers the ropes and teach them about school.
Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!
The Bubble Guppies have a substitute teacher, Mr. Grumpfish, and he doesn’t seem to like anything! It’ll take a lot for the kids to convince Mr. Grumpfish that their favorite things are worth singing about!
Good Hair Day!
Gil’s hair grew really long and he better get it cut soon, because today is Picture Day. But when Gil arrives at the hair salon, he sees that everyone in town wants to get haircuts, too! Watch and discover if Molly and the Guppies can work together to help a busy hairdresser give everybody fabulous new ‘dos in time for the photo.
Check It Out!
Gil lost his library card while returning his favorite books to the library. Gil and his Guppy friends will have to dive into all of Gil’s favorite books to find it again.
Construction Psyched!
Goby needs help from the Bubble Guppies to retrace his steps and find his lost toy dump truck at a construction site before a wild bucking bulldozer crushes it!
The Moon Rocks!
Blast off with the Bubble Guppies – it’s time to learn all about the solar system!

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Help a Child #Cleanwater Photo Challenge

I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group, I have been offered compensation to participate in the #cleanwater photo challenge. The views, opinions and photographs expressed on this blog and in my social networks are my own. 

#CleanwaterEvery child deserves clean water. The P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program helps provide clean drinking water to people in need through a water purifying technology developed by P&G. One small P&G purification packet quickly turns 10 litres of dirty, potentially deadly water into clean, drinkable water.

For every participating P&G product you purchase at Walmart in-store or online from May 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015, P&G will donate 1 day of clean drinking water to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Fund.


To support this fabulous campaign, I will be participating in the #Cleanwater Photo Challenge from July 18 through 31. I will be sharing a photo a day that demonstrates how the role clean water plays in my life. I highly encourage you, my readers, to join in as well! After all, one lucky participant is going to win a $250 Walmart Gift Card and a P&G Bundle!

CDW Prize Pack

Make sure to also check out the #Cleanwater Pinterest board hosted by the always wonderful Stacie Vaughn from Simply Stacie and the P&G team!

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GumToo Temporary Tattoos for Kids

Stick-on tattoos are a kid favourite any day of the week. Whether from a coin machine, goodie bag, or bought by mom, tattoos bring a smile. They can be wacky, cute, themed, or even abstract. Best of all, it takes 30 seconds to put them on and even less time to take them off.

With my kids, the hardest part is not constantly touching and looking at their tattoo. More often than not, they wear the tattoo out just by touching it…hehe! Recently, I discovered Gumtoo, a fabulous company that offers designer-style tattoos. Gumtoo temporary tattoos are as unique as they are fun. The hardest part was choosing which ones to get!

Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos PicI went with monsters and a Halloween theme for my son. I knew creepy and spooky tattoos would appeal right away to him. After all, he is a boy! To my surprise, however, the first tattoo he wanted to put on was the lion.  I was able to apply it flawlessly to his leg in less than a minute. It dried quickly and for the first time, he didn’t play with it! It took over a week before it finally came off naturally while he was taking a bath! Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos RainbowMy daughter is all about girly, cute and animals. It made choosing styles for her super easy. The birthday set was great because it contained 6 tattoos and each were cute. She ended up with the rainbow for her tattoo to stick-on. She absolutely loved it!

Gumtoo has a fabulous selection of stick-on tattoos for the whole family. Whether you are looking to get tattoos for the everyday or any day, Gumtoo has the right fit for you!

Make sure to check out Gumtoo on Facebook as well as on Twitter!

Enter to WinOne lucky Canadian Reader is going to win 5 sets of tattoos to enjoy for themselves!

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Homemade Blueberry Tarts

My husband has always been pretty crazy about blueberries. He enjoys them fresh or frozen and can eat them with almost everything.

When a recent blueberry sale hit our grocery store, I couldn’t help but to pick some delicious fresh blueberries up to make something yummy. I went with Homemade Blueberry Tarts because they are not only the perfect treat, but also ridiculously easy to make!

Homemade Blueberry Tarts

Homemade Blueberry Tarts

You will need:

tart shells
2 cups fresh blueberries
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons butter

Preheat over to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Place tart shells in cupcake pan. I personally went with Tenderflake Pie Tarts {frozen} and they turned out beautifully!

Mix blueberries, sugar, cornstarch and cinnamon together. Fill tarts.

Cook for roughly 25 minutes making sure tarts are starting to turn a little golden. Allow to cool.


Homemade Blueberry Tarts Pic

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