Perfect for Every Occasion Blueberry Pie

My husband is a huge fan of blueberries. In his constant quest for blueberries, my children have joined in with their love for eating them. This leads me to bake a lot of blueberries, both from fresh and frozen blueberries. A recent favourite was my Perfect for Every Occasion Blueberry Pie. It was quite possibly one of the easiest pies I have ever made and it turned out fabulously. With blueberry lovers in the house, it barely lasted a day! {Read More}

DIY Halloween Manicure

The spookiest time of year is almost here. I always get my Halloween decorations up early as I love to appreciate Halloween as long as possible. I have the kids costumes purchased and only need to snag one for the hubby. I haven’t decided if I will be wearing a costume this year, but I do know that I am looking forward to my DIY Halloween Manicure! I just received the Halloween Collection of Broadway Nails Press-On Manicure and they {Read More}

Jigsaw Puzzles for Cat Owners

Jigsaw puzzles are just one of those things that you can’t help but find yourself enjoying. Whether 100 pieces or 1000, a puzzle lets you step out from the busy bustle of the everyday and take some time to yourself. Over the years, I can’t even begin to guess how many jigsaw puzzles I have┬ácompleted, but I know I always enjoyed each one! As a cat lover, I will admit that I can’t pass up a cat-themed jigsaw puzzle, especially {Read More}

Art for Cat Lovers

Last year, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to review an art print from Fulcrum Gallery. My experience was fabulous and I knew I would want to add another art print to my home in the future. You can read my complete review for that piece here. Thankfully, I was able to review the art print, Kittens, by Charles Van den Eycken. It accompanies my current art print by the same artist and is just too adorable for words. {Read More}

Setting a Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is on its way and with it comes delicious foods as well as a lot of cleaning! Whether your family is having guests over or just having a small Thanksgiving dinner together, setting a Thanksgiving table is important. A table setting really helps to set a mood for the meal ahead. A visual delight is always appreciated and your hard work won’t go unnoticed! To begin, choose a centerpiece. The centerpiece on your table will become the focal point. {Read More}

Prepare Your Cat for the Zombie Apocalypse

Do you have a cat? Do you find yourself thinking about what will happen if the zombie apocalypse becomes a reality one day? Good, then this post is a must-read for you! The steps you take to prepare your cat for the zombie apocalypse not only gets your cat ready for the spookfest, but it also means your kitty partner-in-crime will be there to watch your back as well! After all, we all deserve to have an adorable, yet completely {Read More}

Cake in a Mug – Snickerdoodle

You really have me at the word cake. I honestly can’t think of a moment in my life that I wouldn’t have been more than happy to enjoy cake. Normally, handmade is fabulous, but also time consuming. When I have a minimal amount of time, but want that cake experience I normally grab a boxed mix. However, not anymore. Let me introduce you to my new awesomely amazing cake experience, Cake in a Mug! Yes, you get all the delicious {Read More}