Winter Weather Muscle Pain

Winter Weather Muscle Pain

As beautiful and serene as the winter weather can be, it is also a time for winter weather muscle pain. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer through it. This is where Rub A535™ Extra Strength comes in! Whether it’s the result of a workout, wear on our bodies or other everyday winter activities, Rub A535™ Extra Strength provides quick and effective relief of muscle, joint, back and arthritic pain.  With only a small amount of cream, this non-greasy, non-staining formula starts {Read More}

Holiday Beauty and Grooming Essentials #PGmom

Holiday Beauty and Grooming

The holidays are always a fabulous time. It is also a very busy time for most of us. Being that I am out of the house way more during December, it means stepping up my beauty and grooming routine! This is where P&G products come in. The holiday beauty and grooming routine in my home not only steps it up for me, but also for my husband! Men’s holiday spruce up! Smell fresh! The new Old Spice Swagger line will be {Read More}

Bedtime Night Lights for Kids

Bedtime Night Lights for Kids

As any parent knows, bedtime for kids isn’t always fabulous. Depending on a child’s age, there may be monsters in the closet, aliens in the attic, or countless other creatures lurking when the lights go out!  For my children, who vary in ages, there always has to be a light on somewhere. I was recently introduced to some pretty fabulous bedtime night lights for kids that have my children enjoying bedtime again! The Philips Disney SoftPals arrived earlier this month {Read More}

Setting a Sleep Routine for Your Little One

Setting a Sleep Routine for your Little One

Sleep is necessary. It energizes our body and mind so that we can begin each day at our very best. Yet, to anyone with little children, a sleep routine can become a tedious task. A task that is all too often filled with tears, tantrums and time outs. Bedtime should never be a negative experience. With a few simple changes to your little one’s bedtime routine, you will be able to keep your sanity and perhaps even have some time to yourself! Choose a bedtime! {Read More}

HIYA Bear Starlight Children’s Foundation #HIYA

HiYa Bear

Making a difference is important, especially so during the holidays. This year, Starlight Children’s Foundation has teamed with Toys R Us!  Every year, Starlight Children’s Foundation releases a collectible bear that has been designed by a child living with a serious illness. Toys”R”Us Canada will donate a portion of the bear’s sale to Starlight Children’s Foundation to help support their in-and-out of hospital programs. This initiative not only supports the foundation, but gives a Starlight child the chance to have fun {Read More}

Plane Party Planning Ideas


Tips for Taking Your Plane Party Planning to Exciting Heights  If you want to take your plane party planning to exciting heights, grab a few in-flight snacks to munch on while you explore some of these awesome plane party planning tips with us!  Our itinerary has us touching down on invitations, party decorations and even a thrilling in-flight menu, not to mention exciting party favours and activities.  Invite guests to “take off” on a high flying birthday adventure via a creative {Read More}

Personalized Holiday Gifts from I See Me

Personalized Holiday Gifts

One of my favourite activities during December is reading Christmas-inspired books. I go through their countless books and pick out our holiday favourites. This year, my daughter and youngest son will be getting personalized holiday gifts from I See Me! I was excited to get the chance to personalize the Night Before Christmas book for my youngest. He is only one, but already enjoys reading. Plus, it is such a classic tale that I love the tale at any age! “This unique {Read More}