Putting Dad First in Movember – Thomas & Friends #Giveaway

Movember is a month where we can focus on dads. Whether that be in regards to their physical or emotional health, dads matter too. Life passes us by before we know it and it really is invaluable that those in our lives know how much they matter, which is why putting dad first in Movember just makes sense! Put His Health First. Being a dad is a busy job and, just like mom, sometimes their health can come second. This {Read More}

Pets Make Us Special #PetPeople

Every day I remind myself how blessed I am for the pets in my life. They are always there as companions, snuggle buddies, friends, a listening ear and so much more. I couldn’t imagine my life without my cats in it to be honest. I love them as I do my children and I really believe that pets make us special. I have an extra-special bond with my sweet kitty, Jasper. He went from a very curious kitten into a loving {Read More}

Italian Teething Cookies

Being a mom, I know all about how important it is to provide a child with healthy food options from the start. With my youngest turning 3 in January, I am thankful that he enjoys nutritious foods. One of his favourite foods is still eggs. He loves scrambled eggs and obviously, eggs baked into a delicious treat. I feel good about giving my children eggs and I know they are providing them with much needed vitamins and nutrients! Coming up {Read More}

Creating a Kid Friendly Bedtime Routine #StreamTeam

A bedtime routine can take time, especially when it involves kids. As much as we try to game plan a bedtime routine for our kids, it rarely stays on track. Luckily, creating a kid friendly bedtime routine isn’t impossible and with a few tried and true tricks of the trade, your kids will be bedtime ready before you know it! Begin by winding down! When it comes to kids, it is so important to start them winding down from the day. {Read More}

Egg & Tomato Appetizers

With the holidays here, it really is the ideal time to start thinking about appetizers. Whether you will be having a party, family get-together, or staying home, you can definitely appreciate a yummy appetizer! I wanted to create something that would be perfect to enjoy with your hands as well as something unique. My family adores eggs, so it only made sense it should feature eggs! I wanted a fresh fruit or veggie to add a unique spin, so I {Read More}

Marshmallow Snowmen

I have been told that this winter is one of the warmest in Canada. Considering we haven’t had any real snow to speak of yet, I would have to agree. Personally, I love a gorgeous blanket of white when I look out my window during the holidays. That being said, I could do without the super freezing temperatures. When I think of winter, I always think of snowmen. I can remember building snowmen as a child and I wanted to {Read More}

Family Travel in Saint Andrews by the Sea – New Brunswick #LetsGONB

Out of all the destinations I visited, St. Andrews by the Sea was where I absolutely loved the most. Everything was wonderful along the way, but something about this whimsical and charming place just stood out to me. I could easily imagine myself living in a destination like this one! Family travel in Saint Andrews by the Sea is a must in my book! Our fun began at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium. We quickly made our way downstairs upon arrival in {Read More}