DIY Tea Station

DIY Tea Station

I am a tea lover. I have been enjoying tea since my teens and find myself drinking a few cups a day at least. I consider myself a conservative tea drinker as I normally stick with my tried and true favourites. For those who enjoy their tea as much as I do, you really must have a tea station in your home. It brings a touch of class to your tea experience and a DIY Tea Station can be made to {Read More}

Help Your Child Find Their Destiny #Giveaway


My children regularly remind me of their current career aspirations and I am so thankful they have high hopes. My son says he wants to be a veterinarian and my daughter wants to be a singer. Both are great aspirations. They may be young, but they are already dabbling with their destiny. As a parent, I feel it is so important to help my child on their path in life. I don’t know what destiny holds for each of my children, {Read More}

Toddler Mealtime Necessities

Toddler Mealtime Necessities

My youngest is a whirlwind of activity daily. Each day he is learning something new and adding a new facet to his daredevil personality. When it comes to mealtime, it can start to get a bit hectic. Having a toddler at the dinner table means being prepared with some toddler mealtime necessities! Toddler mealtime success starts with the right plate and spoon set! The Baby Bjorn Baby Plate and Spoon Set are fabulous! The plate rests firmly on the table {Read More}

Root Beer Float Shooters

Root Beer Float Shooters 3

My kids are huge fans of root beer. Anytime they get the opportunity to drink pop, that is the first thing they always request. So it only made sense to add to the awesome and introduce them to root beer floats. What kid, or adult for that matter, can say no to delicious ice cream in root beer? One evening after dinner when I was trying to brainstorm a fun dessert, I decided to make Root Beer Float Shooters! They {Read More}

Traveling with Ecco Shoes

Ecco Shoes

Prior to our fabulous week in New Brunswick, I got the fun task of packing everyone’s bags. Packing for two adults, two kids and a toddler isn’t even on my list of top 100 things I enjoy doing. However, it did get me to prioritize what should be brought versus unnecessary extras. For me, unnecessary extras included too many shoes. I wanted a pair of shoes for myself and my husband and two pairs for the kids. Deciding on the {Read More}

Watercolor Cat Print Artollo

Watercolor Cat Print

It should come as no surprise that a good majority of the art I have in my home features cats. As a cat lover, it is only natural to want to decorate my home in a way that suits me best. I found my most recent favourite, Watercolour Print Cat, online at Artollo! I was drawn to the fun and abstract use of the watercolours as well as the fact the subject was an adorable kitty cat!Artollo offers more than {Read More}