Limeapple Spring into Fitness Sale

Limeapple Spring

The warmer weather means more outdoor activities for the kids. We have been enjoying walks, playing on the deck and just going outside without a coat. Best of all, it also means activity season. Thankfully, our small town has some great programs. For my daughter, it means new Limeapple activewear and some big smiles! Right now, you can get 30% off ALL activewear at Limeapple! My daughter has several Limeapple apparel items in her closet and she loves them all. Thanks {Read More}

Pet Emergency Kit #FoodShelterLove

pet emergency kit

As pet owners, we always want the very best for our furry companions. Whether that be in the products we choose for them or in the food we provide. However, we often forget that, at any moment, disaster could strike. If so, we need to be prepared in this situation. For that, a pet emergency kit is a must! Hill’s Seven Tips to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety in an Emergency Ensure your pet can be identified by either a microchip or {Read More}

Healthier Choices #CoolerWithAlmondBreeze

Realistic Resolutions

As I have mentioned, I never make New Year’s resolutions. I am all about the realistic resolutions and can happily report that I have been making the best of them for 2015! February was my first introduction to Almond Breeze. I can tell you that I plan on continuing Almond Breeze as part of my healthier choices. When trying a new grocery product, my biggest challenge is finding a way that I can work the product into my current eating routine. It really is {Read More}

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

I am all about the peanut butter. If it was realistic, I would almost live on peanut butter. It is good on almost anything and a treat that I just can’t pass up. One of my most recent favourite recipe creations with peanut butter has been a no bake peanut butter pie. It is not only ridiculously easy to make, but filled with peanut butter goodness that no one could pass up! You will need: One 9-inch graham cracker crust. You {Read More}

Save Money with Arm & Hammer

Save Money with Arm & Hammer

Spring weather is upon us, but as we welcome all the sunshine and dewy air, there are unwelcome guests in our homes that come with this new season: mud and dirt! To help keep your homes clean and fresh, the makers of Arm & Hammer™ offers some practical tips that will not only usher in May flowers, but will also help you save money with Arm & Hammer. Spruce up your spring wardrobe by using Arm & Hammer™ Cold Water {Read More}

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm #Giveaway

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

My youngest is quite the character. He is a bundle of energy from the moment he wakes up until bedtime. In all honesty, I sometimes don’t even know how I keep up with him! For him, creative play is a must. He has such a big personality and an imagination to match. As a fan of all things Fisher-Price, it is only natural to be eyeing the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm. The Little People® Animal Friends Farm is {Read More}