How to Choose the Perfect Cat Tree for Your Cat

When it comes to must-haves for your cat, most people think the basics such as food, water, toys and a bed. All four are definitely staples any cat owner should be providing. However, one must not forget the importance of having a cat tree in the home. As much as you like having personal space in your home, so does your cat. Whether this means keeping a watchful eye from above or just being able to get a catnap in without {Read More}

Guide to Cat Proofing Your Home

Most people are more than familiar with the importance of child-proofing your home. However, most forget that a cat, especially a kitten, can get into just as much frisky mischief as a child. Whether you are a new cat owner or a seasoned one, it is never to early or late to make your home as safe for your cat as possible. Best of all, cat proofing your home will take no time at all with these easy tips! Guide to Cat {Read More}

15 Words to Catify Your Vocabulary

As a lover of all things cat, it is only natural that I find it super important (and pretty fun) to catify your vocabulary. Cats just brighten the days and make even the dark moments appear light. Thus, these 15 words to catify your vocabulary just make more sense! Also, your cat will thank you. Seriously, he will! 15 Words to Catify Your Vocabulary   Catify – To change into something cat-inspired. Meowoot – For those who enjoy saying WOOT, {Read More}

Easy Ginger Halloween Cat Cookies

With Halloween on the horizon, it is time to start thinking all things spooky! It may came as no surprise that the majority of my Halloween decor is cat related. I prefer an adorable and whimsical Halloween versus gross and gory! Recently, I visited Bulk Barn to snag a few necessary supplies and my Easy Ginger Halloween Cat Cookies were created! The orange sprinkles make for a perfect ginger cat and the poofed up cat tail just screams Halloween! Easy {Read More}

Plan a Date Night With Your Cat

How often do you look over at your spouse and think, why can’t he love the same show I want to watch? Why can’t we just sit together on the couch and snuggle when I want to? Maybe you don’t even have a spouse or special someone, which is okay! It turns out that all you need for the best date night of your life, is your cat. Yes, seriously! Plan a date night with your cat and you won’t {Read More}

Movies for Cat Lovers on Netflix

As a cat lover, I prefer most of my activities and hobbies to include my fabulous cats. Thankfully, Netflix has movies for cat lovers to enjoy! No more clicking through the channels when you have the awesomeness of Netflix in your life! Movies for Cat Lovers on Netflix!! Nine Lives – A businessman has always put business first over his family. That all changes when he is transformed into the family cat! A Street Cat Named Bob – A cat comes {Read More}

5 Steps to Choosing The Perfect Cat

Cats are amazing creatures. They bring such excitement and love into our daily lives. They come in all colours, sizes and often with their own stories to tell. Yet, it is important to know how to choose a cat that will be the right fit for you and your family. After all, cats live 10+ years and you want to be able to provide a loving and forever home! These 5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Cat will help you make the best {Read More}