Easy Frozen Banana Cat Treats

So far this summer, we have had quite a few days that were over 30 Degrees Celsius and for me that is way too hot! And rest assured that if I am finding it too hot, my cats are basking in the sunlight coming through the windows and loving the heat! My youngest cat, Cheshire, can usually be found on top of my Son’s bunk bed or in his favourite cat tree next to the window. Either way, he makes {Read More}

Hairball Cupcakes

As a cat owner, we all know the joys of hairballs. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes. They tend to lurk in the dark corners until we wake up and find our foot stepping on them in a gross turn of events. Thankfully, these Hairball Cupcakes are nothing but delicious! While your cat can’t eat them, they will definitely approve! Hairball Cupcakes You Can’t Help But Love! Start by making your favourite cupcakes. Go with a boxed mix {Read More}

Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool For the Summer

Summer means hot weather. We know how to keep ourselves cool during soaring temperatures, but many often don’t realize how important it is to keep your pets cool as well! Whether your cat is outdoor or indoors, check out these simple tips for keeping your cat cool for the summer! Cool Tips for the Outdoor Cat:  Provide a well-shaded area – During the day, the sun changes positions. Thus, your cat needs a cool shaded area to rest and relax. Consider purchasing or making a {Read More}

5 Crucial Stages of Grief Over The Loss of a Cat

Bringing home a cat is one of the best moments ever. Plus, you get the joy of watching him/her grow with your family. However, no matter how well-loved and taken care of your cat is, there is going to be the day we all dread most; the day when we have to say goodbye. Even in my 36 years, I have lost many beloved cats and each time, it breaks my heart. No matter how hard I try, the pain {Read More}

10 Benefits to Having a Cat

In a given day, I experience the joys of motherhood with that of my children as well as my furbabies! Keep in mind that a lot of chaos ensues throughout the day, but the benefits always outweigh the cons. For cat owners everywhere, here are 10 Benefits to Having a Cat just in case you weren’t already convinced! After all, cats are like magic, didn’t you know?! 10 Benefits to Having a Cat! Companionship – One of the reasons we love {Read More}

5 DIY Cat Bath Hacks

We all know that most cats hate water. It means that for many, a water bowl is the closest they ever want to be to any water source. However, there are those times that despite their cat nature, they need to be given a bath. These 5 DIY Cat Bath Hacks will help keep the process as painless as possible for both you and your cat! 5 DIY Cat Bath Hacks You Need to Know! 1. Bath Preparations – While {Read More}

Meowgical Caticorn Cupcakes

What do you get when you combine rainbows, unicorns, cats, cupcakes and magic? You get Meowgical Caticorn Cupcakes! While you might be asking yourself how much kitty magic can be packed into a cupcake, don’t worry. You will find that these are just what your life has been missing. Kids of all ages will want these at their next meow party! Meowgical Caticorn Cupcakes You Can’t Resist! To begin this meowgical voyage into deliciousness, you start by baking and cooling {Read More}