Disney Inspired Cat Names

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Who doesn’t love Disney? Most of us start our Disney adventures as children and definitely have our favourites. For me, I have shown my love for everything Disney by naming my cats after various favourite characters throughout the years. My cats always hold a special place in my heart and I always pick their names with care. Sometimes the Disney names come to me after a few days with my cat or I know instantly! These Disney Inspired Cat Names will help you find just the right name for your adorable bundle of fur!

Alice – From Alice in Wonderland. My ginger lady is named Alice. She is the gorgeous kitty you see in the photo above. She came to me as a foster (yes, I am foster failure) and I knew instantly her name should be Alice.

Aurora – From Sleeping Beauty. My dear Aurora passed away many years ago. She was such the character and so loving. She was quite the talker and never passed up kitty treats. She was quite the princess!

Ariel – From The Little Mermaid. I gave the name Ariel to my Mother’s cat, who lived a very long and frisky life. She had a moody demeanour, but could cuddle up with the best of them.

Belle – From Beauty and the Beast. My Belle was a kitty like none other. She acted so human that you almost forgot she was a cat. She was a true beauty and lived a very full life.

Mulan – From Mulan. My Mulan is a long-hair kitty. I found her in the middle of the road as a kitten. She has the quietest little meow and is very shy, but so sweet.

Sebastian – From the Little Mermaid. My Sebastian was my kitty sun and stars. I went for a bed & breakfast getaway and ended up coming home with him. He was a handsome tabby with a baby meow. He loved to talk to me and would come when I called him. He was always there and if I walked past without giving him attention, his paw would jet out and remind me to love him.

Figaro – From Pinocchio. I named my Ragdoll, Figaro. He is absolutely gorgeous and seal-mitted. He loves to talk and often walks around the house yowling for someone’s attention. And just like a true Ragdoll, he loves to be snuggled!

Toulouse – From The Aristocats. It took me a couple days to finally decide this name for my Maine Coon/Himalayan/Persian. He is such a striking kitty and his size screams Maine Coon. His huge paws and dark colours are so breathtaking that you can’t help but love him. He also has a little meow, which just adds to his adorableness!

Cheshire – From Alice in Wonderland. This is the first time I had a name ready prior to getting a kitten. I knew I wanted just the right kitty to fit this name and he came in the form of my pure white Ragdoll. His brilliant white fur and his blue eyes just steal your heart in an instant. He loves to give kisses and play with his best friends, Figaro and Toulouse!


  1. If I ever changed Lou’s name to a real girl name it would be Aurora

  2. All cool names for cool cats. I must come for a snuggle soon.

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