5 Reasons to Buy a Douglas Mattress

In the last 4 years, I have gone through 4 mattresses. With my husband’s need for a firm mattress and my love of a soft mattress, we rarely are able to come together on one choice, which is why we went through roughly one mattress a year. Obviously going through mattresses is not how I like to spend any of my time. The less I have to do in that department, the happier I am. Thankfully, we have finally come {Read More}

Minnie’s Happy Helpers Disney DVD Printables

I am always up for checking out a family-friendly Disney Movie! The most recent release is Minnie’s Happy Helpers, which just happens to include a FREE Exclusive Customizable Happy Helpers Chart! To add to the fabulous new release, you can snag Free Printables below! Minnie’s Happy Helpers Disney DVD Printables Synopsis: The Happy Helpers are on their way! When Minnie and Daisy aren’t racing around Hot Dog Hills, they’re helping their friends with fun, odd jobs as The Happy Helpers. And no task is too big or {Read More}

Movies for Cat Lovers on Netflix

As a cat lover, I prefer most of my activities and hobbies to include my fabulous cats. Thankfully, Netflix has movies for cat lovers to enjoy! No more clicking through the channels when you have the awesomeness of Netflix in your life! Movies for Cat Lovers on Netflix!! Nine Lives – A businessman has always put business first over his family. That all changes when he is transformed into the family cat! A Street Cat Named Bob – A cat comes {Read More}

Do GMOs Scare You?

For me, this year has been about a lot of personal change. While some of the changes were out of my control, I am doing my best to embrace what control I do have. I have spent the last couple of months working towards a better me both mentally and physically. Mind you, the process is slow. I didn’t get where I am right now overnight and I am being realistic about progress. I started off by cutting back on over-the-counter medications when {Read More}

5 Reasons You Need to Shop IceJerseys #Giveaway

My favourite way to shop is online. It says the hassle of the rat race and being a mom, taking my kids shopping is painful. I love to be able to wear my pajamas, sit back and just relax while I browse through all the awesome. This is where IceJerseys comes in. The 5 reasons you need to shop at IceJerseys has me coming back for more every time! 5 Reasons You NEED to Shop IceJerseys! 1. Sports Everything – {Read More}

Awesome Disney Movies on Netflix

As a Disney fan, it came as quite a surprise when Netflix started featuring Disney Movies on Netflix. I love to be able to save time instead of bothering with a DVD that most likely will take a good 10 minutes to find, much less put in the PS4! These Awesome Disney Movies on Netflix may induce binge-watching, so be careful out there! Check Out These Awesome Disney Movies on Netflix! The Aristocats – This is by far one of my {Read More}

Best Board Games Every Kid Should Have

My kids have always loved board games. It started out when they were young and just kept growing as they got a little older. We have a closet full of just games and it keeps them entertained indoors. When their grandmother visits, she always brings more games for them to love. I had to start putting our board games in the tv cabinet as there is no more room in the closet! Thanks to Rinuu, my children recently received the {Read More}