Christmas Printables for Kids

Christmas Printables Spoonful 
Christmas is such a fun time of year. With the magic, music and joy, it is no wonder we just can’t seem to get enough of it! Luckily, there are some really awesome free printables to help celebrate and enjoy the Christmas holiday!

  • Crayola Printables - Crayola offers some really fantastic colouring pages, game sheets, invitations. The Bingo boards are my personal favourite!

  • First Palette - Great selection of crafts that you can print. These are fun and easy holiday-themed crafts.

  • Spoonful -  The diversity of free printables on Spoonful is fabulous. From do-it-yourself crafts to colouring pages, you can’t go wrong!

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The Croods Printable Activities & Giveaway

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens will receive The Croods Blu-ray. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

The Croods         

 Available on Blu-ray & DVD October 1 

“Join the Croods on the journey of a lifetime in the epic comedy-adventure that “has the magical wonder of How To Train Your Dragon” – Jake Hamilton (Fox-TV). When their cave is destroyed, the Croods set out to explore a spectacular landscape filled with fantastic creatures, strange surprises…and a whole new world of adventure!”

Throughout their adventure, the Croods encounter tons of unique croodaceous creatures. The beauty of these peculiar animals that they had never seen before amazed audiences across the world. Below is some fun background information on two of these wild animals! 


MousephantThe tiny blue mousephant is only 4 to 5 inches in length and is often preyed upon by other larger croodaceous creatures. For this reason, the mousephant uses it’s large ears to hear long distances and tiny trunk to make loud, intimidating trumpet noises.  This furry blue animal snacks on a wide array of plants and, as seen in the film, often travels in packs. 



If you’re a cat person like Grug, the macawnivore would be the perfect pet for you! This 15-foot creature is a speedy hunter that has no known predators from the whole croodaceous era. The macawnivore’s colorful feather body and large saber teeth make it a beautiful sight to see in nature.

The Croods Printable Activities To Enjoy!

Click on the thumbnails below to bring up a full-size version to print and enjoy!

The Croods Bookmarks


The Croods Bookmarks

Bookmarks #2





One Lucky Reader is going to win The Croods Prize Pack, which includes the Blu-ray and a Belt Plush!

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Back-to-School Tips from Monsters U

Last week was my Son’s first week of 1st grade. I have to admit the idea of him going to school full days was overwhelming for me. I mean, after all, who doesn’t want their sweet little boy to stay a baby forever? Obviously, I realized the impossibility of that goal and accepted the fact that my baby was growing up. Luckily, for him, the transition to a full day of school hasn’t been a problem.

Back-to-School Tips from Monsters University!

With Monsters University coming to Blu-ray Combo on October 8th, Professor Knight has put together some fabulous back-to-school survival tips that every child can appreciate!
  Back-to-school tips from Monsters U
I definitely recommend printing off this tips sheet and putting it somewhere for your child to see every day before they leave for school. Positive motivation and support is always a great way to start the school day! 

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Epic Printable Activity Sheets

epic_printable activity sheet_maze JPG

Epic Printable Activity Sheets! 

Epic printable activity sheets to enjoy just in time to celebrate the upcoming release of Epic on Blu-ray & DVD August 20th! My children saw this movie when it was in the movie theatre and they really enjoyed it! With a fun maze and a colouring page to enjoy, these printables are sure to please the littlest one in your home! Simply click on the sheet you wish to print and a larger, printable size will display!epic_colorpage_mubgrub JPG

Looking for some fun suggestions for these printables? Well, look no further!

Keep printables on hand or in your purse for those times when you need a focused activity for the kids. A good example is at restaurants!

Include printables in birthday invitations, goodie bags, or at the kiddie table with crayons!

Include a finished colouring page printable in letters to family/friends! I mean, who doesn’t love a cute colouring from their favourite little one, right?

Include a printable in your child’s back-t0-school lunch bag, along with a crayon, for an extra special treat!

Create fun back-to-school goodie bags for classmates and include both printables!


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Pampers Gifts to Grow Code {5 Points}

Pampers has released a 5-point code for their Gifts to Grow Rewards Program.

Use code LEAPTOSPRING313. This code is good through April 7th!

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