Make Sure to #FinishtheDishes

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I hate my dishwasher. There, I said it. I have had fabulous dishwashers in the past. Dishwashers that made sure every dish was good and clean. The type of dishwasher that other dishwashers envied. However, my current dishwasher is awful. I wait until the cycle ends just to see how many of the dishes actually get cleaned fully. I used to think my dishwasher loading skills needed some work. However, I quickly learned that no matter how many or how few dishes I put into my dishwasher, it just performs subpar.

FINISH to the Rescue!

So what ended up being the cure all to my dishwasher troubles? Well, it was FINISH Dishwasher Cleaner! I was able to bring back my dishwasher’s youthful appearance, while also enjoying a full load of clean dishes! I can only imagine all the grease and lime scale build up it got rid of. Plus, it was beyond easy to use. I simply removed the sticker from the cleaner, put it in the dishwasher upside down and started the hot cycle. The cleaner did all the hard work for me.

And to keep my dishes sparkling, I use FINISH Jet Dry Rinse Agent. I had no idea that by using the rinse agent, my dishes get dryer than if I only use detergent. I can’t stand when my dishes have residue and spots on them even after washing. This is also a huge no-no when company comes over. You wouldn’t hand your guest a dirty glass, so why should you hand a dirty glass to your family! 

Make sure to check out the FINISH Dishwashing Expert Website for videos and instructions!

Also, join the conversation using the hashtag #FINISHTHEDISHES.

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OXY Emergency Acne Treatment Prize Pack

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OXY Emergency

Last year, when I became pregnant with my Son, my skin really broke out. Since my skin is normally pretty clear, I found it really overwhelming. At that time, I was able to try out Oxy Emergency Spot Gel for the first time. Not only did it help to clear up my acne, but it also kept me sane. My hormones were already going every which way, so I didn’t need to add constant acne to my list of issues. So once my Son was born, I made the assumption that I wouldn’t be having the same breakout issues I had during my pregnancy. However, I so was wrong!

OXY Emergency to the Rescue!

My Son is now almost 8 months old and I am breastfeeding him. This has meant that the acne still visits on occasion. I obviously don’t have a lot of time for myself, so I was excited to see that Oxy Emergency now comes in a facial cleanser and wipes! I can use the facial cleanser in the shower and the wipes any time! What I love most about these products is their effectiveness. I can honestly say that I have used Oxy Emergency on a breakout and have seen results that same day! I only wish I had something this fantastic to use on my skin years ago!

Acne happens. Thankfully, Oxy Emergency offers products that make your breakout not only manageable, but gone sooner rather than later. Make sure to check out Oxy Canada for new products, offers and more!

One Lucky Canadian Reader is going to win everything pictured above {Oxy Emergency Cleanser, Oxy Emergency Spot Gel, Oxy Emergency Wipes, pHisoderm pH up, pHisoderm pH down and $25 Gift Card to Walmart}!


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Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

This is a sponsored post written by My 3 Little Kittens on behalf of Dress First. For more information about sponsored posts, please visit My 3 Little Kittens’ Disclosure Policy.C

Wedding Dress

This year, my Husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. I have some very fond memories of planning our wedding, because I didn’t let the stress get to me. I went with a small wedding and for the most part, everything went smoothly. For me, I found one of the hardest decisions I had to make was choosing the right wedding dress. If only I had known about Dress First. They offer a huge selection of wedding dresses at seriously phenomenal prices! It would have made choosing the right wedding dress ridiculously easy, while also saving me money!

White isn’t the only colour choice!
What I love about Dress First’s selection of wedding dresses is the fact they offer them in various colours. I realize that white has been the traditional colour, but it is your wedding after all. Why not enjoy a splash of colour, right?! Depending on the dress, you can choose the colour of the satin, the sash colour and even the embroidery colour.

Dress First

Photo Courtesy of Dress First

It is All About Location, Location, Location!
Dress First helps you narrow down your wedding dress options based on where you will be having your wedding. Whether you are getting married at the beach, in a garden, or at your favourite church, there is a dress perfect for your location. No one wants to walk down a sandy beach with a huge train {hehe}!

Stay Within Your Budget!
When it comes to getting married, having a budget is so important. Everything starts to add up pretty quick, but that doesn’t mean your wedding dress has to suffer. There are literally hundreds of wedding dresses available under $200 at Dress First. With affordable choices from knee-length to A-line, there is a dress for every style of bride!

Make it Unforgettable!
Your wedding is all about you. It is a time when your friends and family gather to celebrate a new chapter in your life. There will be photos and videos galore, which means you want to choose a dress that you can look back on with a smile. The selection at Dress First is huge and with over 1500 wedding dresses to choose from, there is definitely a smile or two awaiting you!

Make sure to check out Dress First on Facebook as well as on Twitter to keep up on new arrivals, offers and more!

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Portmeirion Botanic Hummingbird Collection Review

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens did receive a review product for this post. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

Portmeirion Botanic Hummingbird

I absolutely love tea. Whether enjoying a cup at home or treating myself to afternoon tea at the local tea house, I just can’t seem to get enough. After all, it comes in so many fabulous flavours. Plus, it is perfect for every occasion. And as any tea lover will tell you, the tea is just as important as the mug you put it in! Thankfully, Portmeirion completely understands this. They have some of the most gorgeous products available to make every tea time perfect!

I was sent a couple mugs from one of their newer lines, Botanic Hummingbird. I was in awe of how pretty these mugs are. I didn’t even use them right away because I was too busy just looking at them {hehe}! I was convinced that something so beautiful must be very fragile. To my delight, I was completely wrong on that one. The mugs are not only made for regular use, but are dishwasher/microwave/freezer/oven safe! Getting to finally enjoy a gorgeous mug and not have to worry about breaking it too easily is fantastic, especially since I tend to be rough on my mugs!

The butterfly design that is inside the mug is also such a cute addition! When my mother-in-law came to visit for a week, she fell in love with these mugs and used them exclusively during her visit. For those who have already started their Christmas shopping, you are definitely going to want to check out all the fabulous products they have on their website!


One Lucky Reader will win a 4-pc Mug Set of their very own to enjoy!

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Clairol Colour Tips Interview with Luis Pacheco

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Clairol Colour

I got my first grey hair when I was 12. There, I finally admitted it. Normally a memory like that wouldn’t have been so embedded in my mind if it weren’t for the fact that the experience was traumatic. Well, not really, but it did leave a huge impression on me. My Mom actually found the grey hair while we were signing me up for middle school and announced it to the office staff. Thanks Mom {hehe}! Since then, just the idea of slowing going grey scares me. Thus, I have spent many years colouring my hair for various reasons.

It wasn’t until recently with the birth of my youngest that I really started to get grey in my hair. Enough grey in fact, that I find myself overwhelmed by it. I realize I can’t look 16 forever, but a ton of grey at 32! It is definitely something I am not happy about. So I was super excited to get the chance to interview Luis Pacheco for some sanity-saving colouring tips.

  • What inspiration do you have for Moms going into the back-to-school/fall season and wanting to keep their colour look fresh/fashionable?

“My best advice is to take inspiration from your childhood photos – the colour you were born with is usually the one that looks best on your skin tone. This is the best way to ensure you have a colour that looks fresh, suits you, and in many cases will help you look a little younger.”

  • What do you recommend for those of us who are finding our hair filled with more and more white/grey “highlights?”

“If you’re used to using a demi-permanent it may be time to start transitioning to a permanent hair colour.  Perfect 10 is a great choice because the Amino Glycine technology is gentle on hair, gives super shiny results, and let’s face it –  only 10 minutes in the bathroom is an appealing proposition to anyone.”

  • As a Mom, I need a hair care routine that is simple, quick and easy. How do I keep my colour looking its best, while also keeping to the minimalist standard?

“Perfect 10 with its 10-minute formula is a great go-to for you!  Also arm yourself with a few boxes of Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up so you can quickly touch up your roots in just 10 minutes whenever you need to.  Take the shopping trip out of the equation by planning ahead and you’ve just simplified your routine!  Also use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner to help keep your colour rich and vibrant as long as possible.”

  • In regards to permanent/semi-permanent colour, what do you normally recommend as one gets older?

“Age is not necessarily the determining factor – the amount of grey is.  If you have less than 50% grey and your hair isn’t too dark, you may be happy with using a demi-permanent to blend it away.  As soon as you have more than 50% grey you want to use a permanent colour.  However, if you have less than 50% grey and fairly dark hair you may want to start using a permanent colour sooner as they grey will be more visible against the darker background.”

  • What products do you recommend for colour-treated hair? Pros/Cons?

“Use shampoos and conditioners that are colour safe and ensure to keep your hair moisturized – a once-a-week deep moisturizing treatment is great for your hair no matter the season.  I like the deep conditioners found in the boxes of Clairol hair colour – they are formulated to work best with coloured hair, so use them once a week for as long as you can. Mostly, try to avoid excessive washing and regular use of heated styling tools.”

And I even got a personal colour consultation, with the following recommendations:

“My best advice is that you focus on selecting a colour that compliments your skin tone. It’s hard for me to determine your exact skin tone from the photo alone, however your light freckles lead me to believe that you have a cooler skin tone.  As such I would recommend staying in the range of neutral shades.  If you like your current darker brown, try Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice ‘n Easy in 5 (Medium Brown). The results are super shiny and will make your dark hair look healthy and glossy.  If you want to consider a change for fall, I would recommend Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice ‘n Easy in 4 (Dark Brown).”

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