My Family’s Cottonelle Care Routine #LetsTalkBums

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Cottonelle Care Routine

The busiest room in our home, aside from the kitchen, is definitely the bathroom. While I prefer to be in and out of the bathroom as soon as possible, I find that my children tend to linger about. Maybe it is the quiet atmosphere, or perhaps a few moments of complete independence, but something about the bathroom enchants my children.

When my new Cottonelle Care Routine arrived in the mail, I was a little shocked by how excited my 6-year-old son was to see it sitting on the counter. Normally, he is thrilled for toys, DVDs and sometimes even food products that come in the mail, but bathroom goodies?! He was very adamant that the toilet paper needed to be his. The moment I showed him the flushable cloths, he instantly told me he had to try them out {hehe}.


I knew the Cottonelle Care Routine was successful because my son promptly exited the bathroom telling me how nice the cloths were. He explained how clean they made his bum feel. Plus, he didn’t have to use as much toilet paper when combined with the flushable Cottonelle Cloths! Best of all, the dispenser is super easy to use, which is perfect for young children.

I do my best to pamper my family at home, so why not in the bathroom? A dry and wet combination leaves all of us feeling fresh and clean! With the holidays here, the Cottonelle Care Routine is also a fabulous way to spoil your guests. A welcoming bathroom can make all the difference!


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♥ Giveaway Winners Announced ♥

The winner of the Pampers/Walmart Giveaway is Karla S.

The winner of the First Alert Canada Giveaway is Sue.

The winners have been contacted and have 72 hours to confirm their wins.

Thank you to the many that entered!

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Indoor Activities for Kids

indoor activities for kids

Here in Alberta, the snow has already shown up. Luckily for me, I am one of the few that looks forward to the first snow fall. It is just so beautiful to look out the window to see a blanket of white snow glistening. However, it also means that my children will need to be indoors for several months. They love playing in the snow, but with temperatures that cold, they can’t stay out very long. So I have quite a few indoor activities for kids favourites that help keep my children entertained and allow me to preserve the sanity I have left {hehe}!

Indoor Activities for Kids

Play Dough - You seriously can’t go wrong here. Best of all, you don’t have to go out and buy any! Make your own Homemade Play Dough and enjoy!

Board/Card Games - Depending on the ages of your children, board games can go a long way. Stick with games that are quick and enjoyable. Think Connect 4, Candy Land, Go Fish, etc. My children personally love Count Your Chickens because it is a cooperative game.  

♥ Baking – Nothing makes the house smell as delicious as it does when you back a fresh batch of cookies or other delicious treat. Take a look at My Recipes and find the perfect one to try with your kids! It gets them involved and you all get to enjoy the result together!

♥ Colouring – Every child enjoys colouring something. This is best suited for children under 10. Luckily, there are so many awesome printables online completely free. Check out my Printables Section.

♥ Create Cards/Greetings/Postcards - Relatives and friends love to receive something special in the mail. Why not surprise them with a card or greeting from your child? I love to put out crayons, markers and stickers for my children and they can personalize a notecard, postcard, or create their own out of coloured paper!

♥ Scavenger Hunt – Create a fun list of say 10 to 20 items for your child or children to hunt for! Try to make it reasonable, but also allow them to have to search a little for the item. Think bottom of their toy box or at the back of the closet kind of stuff.

♥ Dance It Out – Put on some music child-appropriate and dance it out! You can put in a favourite CD or find a great radio station. I personally love putting on Christmas music and surprisingly, my children really get into it!

♥ Costume Show – My children love costumes. Pull out costumes from previous years, throw in some fun accessories lying around and see what your kids come up with. They can put on a costume show and showcase their creativity!  

♥ Hide and Seek – This classic favourite never goes out of style. You probably won’t get more than 30 minutes of playtime out of this, but kids love it! 

♥ Shoot a Movie – Let your children choose a fun plot and using a child-friendly device, have them create a short movie! My children are always grabbing my iPod and taking videos of themselves, so it definitely adds a super fun element to the day!

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Kids Adventure Now Available on Google Play

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kids Adventure. For more information about sponsored posts, please visit My 3 Little Kittens’ Disclosure Policy.

Kids Adventure Screen

My children are always playing games. Whether on our gaming system or hand-held devices, they are always finding time to enjoy their favourites. However, one very important aspect for me as a mom is making sure that the games my children play are both age-appropriate as well as beneficial in some way. Most of the time, this means a game that is educational. After watching my children’s gaming habits, I find that the best games are the ones that are so fun, they don’t even realize they are learning; kind of like an educational sneak attack {hehe}!

Kids Adventure is currently available for free on the Google Play. Kids Adventure consists of engaging games that allow your child to explore and discover while playing puzzles, odd-one-out, hidden object and labyrinth games. Through the different tasks, your child engages in reading, counting, shapes, colours and so much more! Multiple game levels, hands-on interaction, music and virtual rewards offer a fun and enjoyable play experience. I also have to admit that the guide in the game is Fluffy Kitty, which I find super cute! Fluffy Kitty leads your child through the adventures with tips and info along the way. 

Kids Adventure

As an animal lover, I definitely love the adorable animals throughout the game. Cats, monkeys, parrots and meerkats are just some of the many animals your child will get to interactive with! And for those with children who can’t read yet, no worries! Kids Adventure offers recorded sounds, so all children will be able to play the game at their own level! Plus, who doesn’t love a fabulous and free educational game that any child would enjoy!

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Last Day to Vote For Me Please!

My 3 Little Kittens has been nominated for the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs!

I have been nominated this year for the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs, which runs TODAY until 4 pm {PST)! I was over-the-moon to have also won this title for 2011 and 2012!

All you need to do is click on the photo button above, scroll down the list until you see My 3 Little Kittens and click vote. It is super simple and nothing to fill out, just vote!

I work really hard to make this blog fantastic and it would be really nice to be recognized in the top 25 again this year! Please feel free to share this post with others as well and help me reach my goal!

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