Cheesy Egg Biscuit

I have never considered myself a morning person, much less a breakfast person. For most of my years, I have been a night owl. I found my most productive hours to be at night, or at least that is what I thought. Thanks to the addition of children, however, I have found myself in bed by 8 pm on many nights. Thus, I have started waking up earlier, which means I have started to enjoy my breakfast time. Bring back {Read More}

Summer Lovin’ Cash #Giveaway

Summer is right around the corner! We purchased a family membership at the local pool and have been there almost every day enjoying the warm weather and water! Life can get so chaotic and it is really nice to be able to slow down the pace again! So to celebrate the summer to come, one lucky reader is going to win $425 USD! This fabulous giveaway features a great group of bloggers, so enter below! Entry-Form

10 Meowtastic Products for the Pusheen the Cat Fan

Many of us already know that Pusheen the Cat is one of those characters that is just irresistible. The adorable gray tabby is hard not to love. I will admit that I have countless Pusheen the Cat products of my own and look forward to collecting more! I put together a list of 10 Meowtastic Products for the Pusheen the Cat Fan! Meowtastic Must Haves for Any Pusheen Fan! I have several of these wonderful products and can recommend them {Read More}

Put Cardio Health First – Visit Your Loblaw Registered Dietitian

This past month has been all about getting my health back on track. Over the last couple years I have really settled into a routine that isn’t optimal and decided it was finally time to start changing that. I think of it like a spring cleaning for my health! Did you know that cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death for Canadian women and men, despite being largely preventable? With so much life ahead of me, I want to do {Read More}

Powdered Lemon Croissant

One of the first things I do to start my day is start my diffuser with lemon essential oil. The smell alone just awakens all my senses and puts a smile on my face. So it only makes sense that I love to eat lemon creations just as much! I wanted something super easy to make, but also something that could be enjoyed for an easy breakfast or after-dinner dessert! I have seen fruit croissants at my local grocer and decided {Read More}

Create a Budget Friendly Backyard Oasis

Right now, my local grocery store is packed with fabulous flowers, planters and BBQ supplies. It is that seasonal time when each aisle is splashed with summer all over it! However, you don’t have to go overboard to create a budget friendly backyard oasis! By utilizing a few tried and true techniques, you can bring life back to your backyard with what you already have! Your Budget Backyard Oasis! What is old can be new again! Assess what you already have on {Read More}

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Dad Will Love #StreamTeam

Next month is Father’s Day. I can honestly tell you that I have the worst time finding the perfect gift for my husband. If he needs something, he already has it. If he wants something, then he already plans on getting it. It leaves me with the task of finding something useful, but also something he can appreciate. Then I thought to myself, what does my husband really enjoy doing in his spare time, and the answer was watch Netflix! {Read More}