5 Steps to Choosing The Perfect Cat

Cats are amazing creatures. They bring such excitement and love into our daily lives. They come in all colours, sizes and often with their own stories to tell. Yet, it is important to know how to choose a cat that will be the right fit for you and your family. After all, cats live 10+ years and you want to be able to provide a loving and forever home! These 5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Cat will help you make the best {Read More}

Fresh Peach Cobbler

One of the best things about summer time is all the amazing fresh fruits you can find at the local grocery store. While there are some fruits that can be snagged year-round, such as bananas or strawberries, you really can’t beat the fresh peaches. Once I find peaches at the store, I am immediately psyched up to create something special and delicious! I wanted to create a Fresh Peach Cobbler for my husband and it turned out fantastically! I found {Read More}

Easy Frozen Banana Cat Treats

So far this summer, we have had quite a few days that were over 30 Degrees Celsius and for me that is way too hot! And rest assured that if I am finding it too hot, my cats are basking in the sunlight coming through the windows and loving the heat! My youngest cat, Cheshire, can usually be found on top of my Son’s bunk bed or in his favourite cat tree next to the window. Either way, he makes {Read More}

Hairball Cupcakes

As a cat owner, we all know the joys of hairballs. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes. They tend to lurk in the dark corners until we wake up and find our foot stepping on them in a gross turn of events. Thankfully, these Hairball Cupcakes are nothing but delicious! While your cat can’t eat them, they will definitely approve! Hairball Cupcakes You Can’t Help But Love! Start by making your favourite cupcakes. Go with a boxed mix {Read More}

5 Reasons You Need to Shop IceJerseys #Giveaway

My favourite way to shop is online. It says the hassle of the rat race and being a mom, taking my kids shopping is painful. I love to be able to wear my pajamas, sit back and just relax while I browse through all the awesome. This is where IceJerseys comes in. The 5 reasons you need to shop at IceJerseys has me coming back for more every time! 5 Reasons You NEED to Shop IceJerseys! 1. Sports Everything – {Read More}

Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool For the Summer

Summer means hot weather. We know how to keep ourselves cool during soaring temperatures, but many often don’t realize how important it is to keep your pets cool as well! Whether your cat is outdoor or indoors, check out these simple tips for keeping your cat cool for the summer! Cool Tips for the Outdoor Cat:  Provide a well-shaded area – During the day, the sun changes positions. Thus, your cat needs a cool shaded area to rest and relax. Consider purchasing or making a {Read More}

5 Crucial Stages of Grief Over The Loss of a Cat

Bringing home a cat is one of the best moments ever. Plus, you get the joy of watching him/her grow with your family. However, no matter how well-loved and taken care of your cat is, there is going to be the day we all dread most; the day when we have to say goodbye. Even in my 36 years, I have lost many beloved cats and each time, it breaks my heart. No matter how hard I try, the pain {Read More}