Watch Netflix Movies on the Go

So far this year, Netflix has already come out with some fabulous new programs to enjoy. While I am loving many of these new options, the biggest and most fabulous change has been that you can now watch Netflix Movies on the Go! It is as simple as logging into your Netflix account on your device, dropping down the menu and clicking on Available for Download. I recently took a day trip with my youngest to the states. Since we obviously {Read More}

Perfect Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

The Easter Bunny has already started on his egg-making chores and before you know it, he will be hoping down the bunny trail to surprise children with Easter gifts! The best part is that perfect Easter Basket Gifts for toddlers don’t have to be hard to find and there is still time to snag the perfect one! My youngest is 4 and he recently got the chance to try out the VTech Rock & Bop Music Player. While he isn’t considered {Read More}

Cold Weather Essentials – Columbia Sportswear

Living in Canada means we have some very cold weather. Over the last couple months, we have been anywhere from -10 Degrees Celsius to a super low of -30 Degrees Celsius. There are really only a couple summer months that have really warm temperatures here in Alberta. The rest of the time, I find myself needing a jacket. This is where Columbia Sportswear comes in. They have just the right cold weather essentials I need for my entire family! When it {Read More}

Say I Love You with Precious Moments

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Precious Moments. All opinions are honest and that of My 3 Little Kittens. Being the month of love, we all have our own ways to Say I Love You. Yet, we can all agree that most of us will not only be saying the words, but also doing our very best to gift something special to our loved ones. I will be gifting two adorable Precious Moments figures and pretty excited to see the {Read More}

A Beginner’s Guide to Cat Photography #Fuji4Families

I always find that the perfect way to capture a moment is in a photo. With nine fantastic felines, I take a lot of photos. I have had the same camera for a couple years now and while it has been awesome, it was time for an upgrade. I wanted a camera that was more compact and something that would take my cat photography to the next level. Thankfully, that came to me in the form of the Fuji X-A3! {Read More}

Send Love with Teleflora #HandmadeByTF

Valentine’s Day is almost here. It is a time when we find ourselves wanting to spread the love to those who are most important in our lives. One way to send love this Valentine’s Day is with Teleflora! Each floral bouquet is handmade by your local florist and arrives beautifully designed! Teleflora is currently featuring their #HandmadeByTF Campaign! They have gorgeous floral bouquets to choose from. The only downside is how hard it is to choose just one! I got the chance to {Read More}

80s Cartoon Favourites #StreamTeam

You can never go wrong with cartoons from your childhood, especially if those cartoons are He-Man and She-Ra. I can still remember sitting on the carpet as a child and watching these cartoons. I was born in the 80s and I can honestly say they have some of the very best cartoons ever. I may be a little bias, but seriously check them out for yourself! To make watching these fantastic favourites even easier, Netflix Canada currently has the first season {Read More}