Easy DIY Kitty Cat Card

My Daughter recently turned eight. Like birthdays before, she wanted to have a fabulous party with her friends. While I brainstormed, I was contacted by Stampin Up to host an ever so fantastic card making workshop. It couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. It was then decided that each guest would be able to create an Easy DIY Kitty Cat Card. I even booked a face painter so the kids would be double thrilled by the party festivities! Easy DIY {Read More}

5 Smart Hacks for Using Baking Soda for Your Cat #Giveaway

Baking soda truly is like magic to me. It has so many uses and they just seem to be getting better. I have personally always trusted Arm & Hammer for all my baking soda needs! I love reliability, what can I say! These smart hacks for using baking soda for your cat will blow your mind! Baking Soda For Your Cat Uses ROCK! 1. Freshen Your Carpets/Furniture – In a given day, your cat spends a lot of time playing about {Read More}

Awesome Disney Movies on Netflix #Giveaway

As a Disney fan, it came as quite a surprise when Netflix started featuring Disney Movies on Netflix. I love to be able to save time instead of bothering with a DVD that most likely will take a good 10 minutes to find, much less put in the PS4! These Awesome Disney Movies on Netflix may induce binge-watching, so be careful out there! Check Out These Awesome Disney Movies on Netflix! The Aristocats – This is by far one of my {Read More}

Best Board Games Every Kid Should Have #Giveaway

My kids have always loved board games. It started out when they were young and just kept growing as they got a little older. We have a closet full of just games and it keeps them entertained indoors. When their grandmother visits, she always brings more games for them to love. I had to start putting our board games in the tv cabinet as there is no more room in the closet! Thanks to Rinuu, my children recently received the {Read More}

Summer Lovin’ Cash #Giveaway

Summer is right around the corner! We purchased a family membership at the local pool and have been there almost every day enjoying the warm weather and water! Life can get so chaotic and it is really nice to be able to slow down the pace again! So to celebrate the summer to come, one lucky reader is going to win $425 USD! This fabulous giveaway features a great group of bloggers, so enter below! Entry-Form

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Dad Will Love #StreamTeam

Next month is Father’s Day. I can honestly tell you that I have the worst time finding the perfect gift for my husband. If he needs something, he already has it. If he wants something, then he already plans on getting it. It leaves me with the task of finding something useful, but also something he can appreciate. Then I thought to myself, what does my husband really enjoy doing in his spare time, and the answer was watch Netflix! {Read More}

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels

My youngest spends most of his day in playtime. He excels at how to enjoy life as a child. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The most recent toy additions to his playtime adventures are the fabulous VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Toys! The Racing Runaway Airplane, Race Car and Dump Truck pair fantastically together for extra fantastic playtime! The Go! Go! Smart Wheels Racing Runaway Airplane: Transforms from a cargo plane into a runway ramp that launches the SmartPoint® {Read More}