Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids #SnapwareBTS


During the summer, my lunch time creativity wasn’t fantastic. With the kids home all day, it felt like we were going from one meal to another most days. When school started is when I really allowed some creativity to flow. After all, lunch time at school should be a little exciting right? With Halloween a month away, I couldn’t help but to create something spooktastic for my kids! The local grocer made the funnest rainbow bread and it puts a {Read More}

Nutrience Natural Cat Food Giveaway

Nutrience Natural Cat Food

Days are always better when spent with cats as any cat lover will tell you. They make us smile, laugh and give us so much companionship. For me, a good day really is spent the kitty way! So it only makes sense that we should want the very best for them. That is where Nutrience comes in! Depending on your cat’s life stage, Nutrience Natural has cat food to fit. Nutrience Natural comes in healthy adult, indoor or senior. Nutrience knows the importance {Read More}

Making Memories Last the SOUFEEL Way


Memories happen. Every day without fail, we experience 24 hours of life. We spend these 24 hours feeling, thinking, breathing and in doing so, make memories along the way. How we capture these memories on the other hand, speaks volumes about the person we are and the life with live. With photography happening via camera, phone, tablet, etc. it is only appropriate that we start making memories last the SOUFEEL way.  SOUFEEL offers affordable jewelry for every memorable day. Their product {Read More}

Loving My Alcatel Idol 3


In the last couple of years, I have gone through several phones. This is mostly due to the fact that I let my children use my phone to take photos, play games and watch Netflix. The phone then eventually gets dropped one too many times and stops working altogether. While I always take my phone’s demise poorly at first, it then opens up the opportunity to get a new phone that was better than the one before! However, my previous {Read More}

Simplify Social Media with CoSchedule


Social media is what I do. It is part of my everyday and regardless of how busy I get, it is always on my to-do list permanently. The content I write doesn’t magically share itself. Some days I enjoy managing my content, while other days I find it overwhelming. Yet this is the way of most things. Over the last couple of years I have used different services/plugins for sharing my content. Many were promising, but ultimately didn’t work out. {Read More}

My Back to School Beauty Routine Giveaway #BeReady2Roar

beauty routine

We are a week into back-to-school. My kids are enjoying their new teachers and classmates. My son was glad to discover many of his friends from last year are in his class, while my daughter is finding new friends in first grade! As a mom, I am finding myself getting back into a routine, which includes my back to school beauty routine. To help moms introduce their daughters to beauty with confidence as they head back to school, COVERGIRL Make-up Pro, {Read More}