Hot Wheels Outdoor Play Giveaway

hot wheels

For my kids, outdoor play is a must. We are lucky enough to have a decent size front yard, which means most playtime is spent there. With my youngest only being 2, outdoor play is always supervised, but fun! On their most recent outdoor adventure, they enjoyed watching the bees in the hedge. My youngest also brought out a Hot Wheels car that he drove all over the lawn. It was not only adorable, but kept him entertained. Summer break {Read More}

Creating an Easy Beauty Routine

creating an easy beauty routine

Ever since I was a teenager, I have had a beauty routine. Mind you, it has definitely changed over the years. I also admit to letting it slide for the last couple of years. Getting back on track for me has been important. I may spend all day at home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look and feel good about myself! By creating an easy beauty routine, I am able to put a smile back in my mornings! I {Read More}

Cat Must Haves #Meowbox

Cat Must Haves Meowbox

For me, pampering my cats doesn’t mean I have to go to ridiculous lengths. It is a combination of quality time plus a few cat must haves! Every cat deserves to be valued. With Meowbox, my cats are able to enjoy a whole box of high-quality products and I don’t have to spend the time shopping! The box is always filled with cat must haves, so I know my cats are getting the very best! You know your cats are going to love {Read More}

Save Money Shopping RetailMeNot Canada #Giveaway

Save Money Shopping

Living in a small town has been a real transition for me. The stores and convenient shopping options I once had are no longer available. Thankfully, I am able to do most of my shopping online! When I do shop, I am all about the savings. For me, I save money shopping by visiting It is filled with savings whether you are shopping online or in-store! One of my most recent visits to RetailMeNot Canada was to purchase a purse {Read More}

Mother’s Day Locket South Hill Designs #Giveaway

Mother's Day Locket South Hill Designs

May is almost here, which means that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. For most, this means Mother’s Day shopping as well. As fun as shopping can be, it can also be a bit tedious. With three kids, I am all about shopping online. Thankfully, the perfect gift this year is a Mother’s Day Locket from South Hill Designs! Choosing from South Hill Designs selection of lockets just got a whole lot easier thanks to their Virtual Locket Designer. You are able to {Read More}

Healthier Choices #CoolerWithAlmondBreeze

Realistic Resolutions

As I have mentioned, I never make New Year’s resolutions. I am all about the realistic resolutions and can happily report that I have been making the best of them for 2015! February was my first introduction to Almond Breeze. I can tell you that I plan on continuing Almond Breeze as part of my healthier choices. When trying a new grocery product, my biggest challenge is finding a way that I can work the product into my current eating routine. It really is {Read More}