Short Rib Tacos – Breville Fast Slow Pro

The kitchen is the one place in our home that I find myself most often. From breakfast to late-night snacks, the kitchen is where it all happens. For me, the recent addition of the Breville Fast Slow Pro has added another exciting dimension to my cooking options! I decided to take the Fast Slow Pro on a test drive by making Short Rib Tacos. I was able to sear and pressure cook the meat all in one place and wow, it was fabulous! {Read More}

Staycation Tips #Giveaway

Sometimes a vacation is just not a possibility. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find ways for you and your family to enjoy a staycation! These fabulous staycation tips will help you to relax and step away from the everyday stress! You get to enjoy the indoors where you can stay warm and cozy. And on the days you choose, you can head outdoors for a truly unique adventure. Plan an indoor excursion. Take a trip to a favourite museum, art gallery {Read More}

Ultimate Boredom Buster For Your Indoor Cat #MostPlayfulCat Giveaway

My cats range in age from under 1-14 years. While many enjoy having cat friends to play with, some of my older cats prefer their catnaps. Being indoors, I find that most of my cats get bored a few times a day. I curb this issue by playing with them, but I can’t play with them 24/7. Thankfully, Friskies has come up with the Ultimate Boredom Buster For Your Indoor Cat, the Friskies Pull ‘N Play. My cats have been in love with {Read More}

Pusheen Meets Awesome – Pusheen Box Subscription #Pusheenbox

I am a huge fan of everything cute and cats. So it should come as no surprise that one of my favourite characters is Pusheen. She is an absolutely adorable chubby grey tabby that blogs and loves to bake. Being a blogger and a baker, I find her especially fantastic. I even have a growing collection of all things Pusheen. Most exciting of all is that Pusheen Box has recently launched. It is a Pusheen Subscription Box Service that surprises you with {Read More}

Decorate with Canvaspop #Giveaway

When it comes to decorating my home, I will admit that I am very minimal in terms of furniture. However, I absolutely love art, so almost every wall in my home is covered with art of some kind or another. I don’t really have a theme going other than the fact I love Edwardian prints and cats. It is a fun mix of beautiful history and adorable cats. The newest addition to my awesome hanging decor is from Canvaspop. I was {Read More}

Floral Bouquets Meet Love Notes Concierge from Teleflora #WhatisLove

Saying I love you can be done in so many ways. With Valentine’s Day on its way, it is the one holiday of the year that saying I love you really takes form. Whether to a significant other, parent, or child, love is best expressed in the words we say and it really does matter how we say them. To celebrate the upcoming holiday of love, I received the Lovely Hearts Bouquet by Teleflora. From the moment this gorgeous bouquet {Read More}

Rocking the New Year Savings #HolidayCents Giveaway

Two weeks into the New Year and honestly, it is speeding ahead. I am still trying to catch up on my routine, but so excited to see what 2016 brings my way. Right now, I am all about getting organized and making the most of my time. To help in this, I recently decided it was time to purchase myself a desk! Thankfully, there is, which has always been my go-to website for all things coupons, codes, and savings! I {Read More}

PAM Means No Residue

I am always in the kitchen. From the moment I wake up until after everyone is in bed, the kitchen is the one place in our home that I most often find myself. So it should come as no surprise that I want products in my kitchen that allow me to cook and bake at my very best. One product that has recently stood out for me is PAM. I have used PAM for as long as I can remember. It {Read More}

Must Have Under the Christmas Tree – Breville Smart Oven Pro

I seem to always be in the kitchen. From early morning until bedtime, the kitchen is really where it all happens. I am so super thankful that the kitchen in our home is as fabulous as it is. It makes time spent in there even better. With Christmas almost here, I have to admit that I love functional gifts. The ones that give back throughout the year and put a smile on your face consistently. The must have under the {Read More}