Amazing Kids Books You Need to Read

When you read a book to a child, you are feeding their imagination. I can’t stress enough how very important it is to read to your child. My children love books, especially my youngest. He has to pick out several books each night to be read to him before he goes to bed. I can obviously never say no to that adorable face! The following are just a small taste of all the Amazing Kids Books You Need to Read {Read More}

PJ Masks Halloween Party Kit

Halloween is almost here! Since the holiday is on a Monday this year, two of my children will get the chance to wear their Halloween costume to school. After dinner, we will all be going out for trick-or-treating. My youngest has been so excited about his costume that he has been wearing it daily. He is going to be his favourite character, CatBoy from PJ Masks! He gets to not only be a cat, but also a super hero. I am {Read More}

Pampers Easy Ups Unboxing Video – Potty Training Done Right #PampersEasyUps

My son is at the stage where he is in full potty training mode! He still is working on accident control, but I am so very proud of the progress he has made to date. Thankfully, he has the new Pampers Easy Ups to make the experience easier. They fit, feel and look like underwear, so my son is on cloud nine. Plus, he is all smiles over the Thomas the Train graphics!Did you know that Easy Ups is the only training {Read More}

Play Minecraft on the Big Screen – Minecraft Event in Calgary #Giveaway

My 9-year-old is a huge Minecraft fan. He is constantly playing the game on different devices. His room is even covered in Minecraft posters, Minecraft plushies and more! We are pretty excited that Super League Gaming is bringing Minceraft to Calgary on the big screen with a 4-Week Event starting October 19th! With so many Minecraft fans out there, this is taking the Minecraft experience to the max! Each gamer will need to bring their laptop with Minecraft 1.10 installed. At that {Read More}

Get Your Spooky On With KISS – Halloween #Giveaway

Halloween is that fabulous time of year when the spooks come out and candy is the new currency. I already have two out of three costumes purchased for the kids, but I also like to do a little something for myself. I have no Halloween plans other than walking the kids around trick-or-treating and handing out candy. However, I still want to feel a little Hallo-glam doing it! Get your spooky on with KISS thanks to these fabulous Halloween products! Eye {Read More}

Games for All Ages – Funnybone Toys #Giveaway

It is that time again, when the weather starts to get colder and it gets darker earlier. The kids are in school during the day, but definitely need activities to keep them busy after school. They tend to want to lounge on the couch and watch a program, but I have been putting a stop to that. Bedtime has been so much easier the less I let them watch TV, so as you can imagine, I have been turning it {Read More}

Kitten Antics & Purina Cat Chow Giveaway #CatsNaturally

The day I adopted Toulouse was my very first day meeting him. He was with his two brothers and I was doing my best to get a feel for each kitten’s personality before making a final choice. All were very social and busy. I had to actually hold Toulouse back from running around just to get a chance to hold him. He immediately wanted to get back to his kitten antics vs being held. However, I started to rub his adorable {Read More}