Oreck AirVantage Air Purifier

I work very hard at keeping my house clean. With three kids and nine cats, you can probably imagine how difficult this is on a day-to-day basis. It is for this very reason that I was thrilled to get the chance to experience the Oreck AirVantage Air Purifier in my home! I found the ideal place for the Oreck AirVantage Air Purifier in my home to be in the master bedroom. It has a CADR rate of 76 and is perfectly-sized for rooms {Read More}

Dinosaur School Lunch #SnapwareBTS Giveaway

My kids are officially back to school, which means it is time to start thinking school lunches! I usually like to change their lunches up during the week as not to get boring. That is why I came up with my Dinosaur School Lunch! Since there is always a variety of food in my childrens’ lunches, I only have eyes for Snapware. Their Total Solutions line means I get food storage that is space saving, with a nestable design and an {Read More}

The Milk Dish – Fulcrum Gallery

For the last couple months, I have really been working on decorating the walls of my home in the most pleasing way possible. For me, this includes beautiful artwork. I have always leaned toward vintage-style pieces as they remind me of a simpler time filled with such innocence and beauty. I have a decent collection of medieval-themed art as well as my favourite cat art pieces. I was thrilled to work with Fulcrum Gallery again as I am still madly in love {Read More}

Back to School with Giant Tiger

I have a confession to make. I have never actually visited a Giant Tiger store in my life. There, I said it. Up until the last couple years, I even lived near a Giant Tiger store, but it was all the way across town and I never got the chance to have a look around. So you can probably imagine my shock when I got my back-to-school shopping down through Giant Tiger and was blown away by the prices and {Read More}

Blue Orange Games – Fast Flip and Dr. Eureka

One thing that I can’t stress enough is the important of family time. It is when we can disconnect from our devices and just engage with each other. I was crazy about board games as a child and I have been grateful to be able to share this love with my own children. Two of our most recent game favourites are Dr. Eureka and Fast Flip from Blue Orange Games. They are both geared for children 6+ and are for two {Read More}

Monthly Creativity with Doodle Post

My children love to create. They have such fantastic imaginations and I am always blown away with what they can come up with. So when The Doodle Post reached out to me to have my children try their subscription service, I was all for it. The Doodle Post promotes the joy of creativity. They also use quality, Canadian (wherever possible) materials. Each box is filled with an exciting craft with all the supplies right in the box. One of the boxes my children received {Read More}

Going to the Birds – Small Parrot Bird Cage

One thing I love best about where I live is the birds. I never really stopped to listen to birds, but I have found lately that I can lay in bed for hours just listening to their songs from my window. While I have never had the pleasure of owning a bird myself, I know many who couldn’t imagine their life without a bird companion. For those who open their homes to these majestically fantastic creatures, they know how important the {Read More}

Potty Training Necessities #Giveaway

At some point, every child reaches the potty training milestone. It allows children a little more independence and parents can take a break from diaper changes. While each child is different in regards to when they are ready to potty train, it usually happens around age 3. For me, my youngest is currently potty training. Some days are better than others, but progress is being made. Check out these potty training necessities that every parent should have to make potty training {Read More}

Huggies Hug Plan Giveaway #NoBabyUnhugged

I can’t think of anything more precious than the moment I got to hold each of my children after birth. Waiting nine months to finally hold them in my arms always seemed like such a long wait. However, it was worth every moment. Huggies Canada recognizes how precious a hug can be for every baby, which is why they have created the very first Hug Plan. The Hug Plan promotes the physiological and psychological benefits of skin-to-skin for a newborn {Read More}