New Favourites Kellogg Canada #KelloggCAInnovations

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens did receive product for review purposes. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

I absolutely love trying new things, especially when it involves Kellogg’s line of fabulous new products!

Kellogg CanadaWith a family of 5, nothing delicious lasts too long in my kitchen.  The moment I received the Kellogg’s box, each child was running over to see what they could snack on (hehe)!

The hands-down favourite and the first to be eaten, was the Pringles Nacho Tortillas. They are bursting with nacho-flavour and you honestly can’t eat just one. The rest of the Pringles Tortillas were fabulous and I will so be buying these in the future. My youngest is loving the Rice Krispies Mult-Grain Shapes. They are perfect for snacks and are yummy!

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Doc McStuffins School of Medicine DVD

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens did receive a DVD for review purposes. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

Doc McStuffins

My daughter can’t get enough of Doc McStuffins. She is not only fun to watch, but also a very good role model for children. I find myself sitting down and watching whenever my daughter turns on a Doc McStuffins DVD! The most recent release, “Doc McStuffins: School of Medicine,” even includes a paper doll set!

In “Doc McStuffins: School of Medicine,” a compilation of engaging Doc McStuffins stories, the many specialties in which doctors practice medicine and health care are highlighted for young kids to comprehend.  In her playhouse clinic, Doc is an optometrist, helping her stuffed owl toy, Professor Hoostburgh, to see clearly again.  As a dentist, she fixes a tooth on Donny’s toy shark Mr. Chomp and, as a radiologist, Doc takes an inside look at Daisy’s arm after a Roller Disco fall.  Then, Doc accidentally sprains her own ankle, so it’s up to her toys to provide the care and compassion to Doc herself and with rest,  patience and plenty of cuddles, she will be as good as new, singing  “The Doc is in.”

  • Chilly Gets Chilly / Through The Reading Glass (Optometry)
  • Hallie’s Happy Birthday / Shark-Style Toothache (Dentistry)
  • Think Pink / You Foose, You Lose (Sports Medicine)
  • Disco Dress Up Daisy / The Glider Brothers (Imaging/Radiology)
  • Celestial Celeste / Run Doc, Run! (Imaging/Radiology)

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Stampin’ Up! Celebration Kits

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens did receive product for this post. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

From birthdays to baby showers, celebrations abound. For me, celebrating always includes baking and decorating. 

I am always busy, so the less I have to do and worry about is a very good thing. Stampin’ Up! can’t help me with baking, but it sure comes prepared thanks to their fabulous line of celebration kits!

Stampin Up Celebration Kits PicI have been aware of Stampin’ Up! products for a few years now and have always heard such fabulous things about them. When I finally got the chance to see their products in person, I was seriously impressed. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill products.

Stampin’ Up!

The Celebration Basics Kit, for example, features sturdy banner pieces and die-cut letters that add such class to any celebration. Plus, it can be used over and over again for celebrations to come!

Stampin Up Celebration Kits

Stampin’ Up! products are not sold in stores. However, you can check out all the fabulousness on their website or find a demonstrator near you! 

Make sure to become a fan of Stampin’ Up! on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with products, offers and more!

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The Stampin’ Up! Celebration Kits  Giveaway includes:

  • Celebration Basic Kit
  • Chalkboard Banner Simply Created Kit
  • Celebration Basic Invitations

Total value: $80

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Parenting 101 Giveaway

Becoming a mom was one of the best moments of my life. At the time, it was hard and I rarely slept, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I can look back on my parenting knowledge from my first child to my youngest and thank goodness, I have learned quite a lot along the way!

Parenting 101

Whether you are soon-to-be parent or having your fifth, being prepared and understanding Parenting 101 is so important. Church & Dwight has a variety of products and brands that have you covered. From Rub A535™ and Orajel™ to L’il Critters™ Vitamins, there are so many fabulous products available for both you and baby!

  • Helpful Tip!  Try Orajel™ Natural Source Homeopathic Teething Gel to help soothe your baby’s aching gums. With Orajel™ you’ll be sure to find what works best for your baby! 

Parenting 101 Giveaway

Church & Dwight Prize Pack includes:

  • Baby Orajel™ Tooth and Gum Cleanser with finger Brush
  • Orajel™ Natural Source Homeopathic Teething Gel
  • OxiClean™ Baby Stain Remover Spray
  • OxiClean™ Multi Purpose Baby Powder
  • L’il Critters ™ Vitamin D3 (For children 2 years +)
  • RUB A535™ Arnica Spray (For children 2 years +)
  • First Response™ Easy-Read Ovulation Test 

Total Value: $100

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Choosing Healthy Cat Food For Your Cat

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nutrience. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

My cats are part of my family. I couldn’t imagine my life without them in it. Despite the extra cleaning, random messes and fur, I wouldn’t have my life any other way.

As with any member of my family, I want the best for my cats, which includes choosing healthy cat food. I recently got the opportunity for my cats to try Nutrience Cat Food and so thankful I did.

Choosing Healthy Cat Food

Determine the type of food your cat will need based on your their age/activity level. Available choices usually include kitten, adult, indoor, senior, healthy weight, etc. A healthy cat food will feature ingredients beneficial to your cat’s specific needs. Nutrience features a selection of dry cat foods that give you a wide range of choices for your cat.   

Choosing Healthy Cat Food 1Check Ingredients. The reality is that many cat foods are filled with unnecessary and not ideal ingredients. You want to find a cat food that contains high-quality ingredients, especially those you are familiar with. Nutrience Cat Food features meat and fish proteins, healthy fats, wholesome fruits & vegetables, nutrient-rich botanicals and low-glycemic carbohydrates.

Choosing Healthy Cat Food 2

Choose the right recipe. Each cat has his/her preference when it comes to food. Nutrience offers various recipes for your cat. You might find that your cat isn’t too interested in a seafood taste, but is crazy about chicken.

Pay Attention. One of the most important things you can always do for your cat is to pay attention. While they can’t tell you what is wrong in words, they do change their behaviour. Pay close attention to your cat’s appetite, activity level and demeanour on a regular basis.

Stay connected by becoming a fan of Nutrience on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with products, offers and more!

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