The Wild Thornberrys: Season 2, Part 2 Nickelodeon DVD Giveaway ENDED

Thanks to Nickelodeon and the Shout!Factory, I received The Wild Thornberrys: Season 2 Part 2 DVD Set that officially releases April 24th to review! I remember watching The Wild Thornberrys when it originally aired and was really looking forward to sharing it with my children. When we finally sat down to watch the DVDs, my children were instantly engaged in what was going on and especially loved the fact that Eliza can “talk” to animals. This DVD set includes the last 8 episodes of Season 2 and is filled with wild adventures and really emphasizes the importance of helping animals and protecting nature, which is my favorite part about the series. I also love the fact that Tim Curry is the voice of Nigel because I have always enjoyed his movies and voice work!

Prepare for a smashing good time as you travel around the world with the Thornberry family in Season 2! Eliza Thornberry’s parents, Nigel and Marianne, have a knack for nature; they produce the award-winning nature show, “Nigel Thornberry’s Animal World.” And Eliza has a secret- she was given the magical ability to talk to animals! Together with her family and best friend, a surprisingly sophisticated chimpanzee named Darwin, Eliza devotes her life to helping animals and protecting nature. Two DVDs packed with incredible wild adventures will haveyou laughing along with the Thornberrys’ comic antics and cheering for victory with every episode!

You can get your own copy of The Wild Thornberrys at a local retailer near you on April 24th, or you can preorder The Wild Thornberrys: Season Two, Part 2 on Amazon for only $15.99!


Thanks to Nickelodeon and Shout!Factory, One Lucky Reader will win their very own The Wild Thornberrys DVD Set!

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