Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure DVD Giveaway ENDED

Thanks to Hit Entertainment and Lionsgate, I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure DVD. The DVD released today and continues in the wonderful slapstick humor that Timmy is known for! Even though there is not a single line of dialogue, my children always giggle at the fun antics Timmy and his friends get into. This is a great addition to any Timmy DVD collection!

“Ahoy! There’s LOOTs of fun to be had with Timmy and his mateys in this collection of woolly tales! Timmy practices his pirate captain skills, accidentally leading his crew to special treasure. There’s mis-arrrdventure on the hunt for treasure and the crew must get creative to get back on course. Then when Timmy sets sail, he and his friends cause chaos on the seas. Join Timmy for some swashbuckling fun and see that good mateys are the best treasure of all!”

DVD Episodes:

“Timmy Finds Treasure”

“Timmy’s Treasure Hunt”

“Timmy’s Tractor”

“Timmy Makes a Splash”

“Timmy’s Spring Surprise”

DVD Bonus Features Include:

♥ Timmy’s Day of the Week Video

♥ Shaun the Sheep Bonus Episodes: “Spring Lamb” series - 2 episodes

Right now, Amazon has Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasureon Pre-Order Sale for only $11.99.


Thanks to Hit Entertainment and Lionsgate, One Lucky Reader will win their very own “Timmy Finds Treasure” DVD.

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