Veterinary Care on a Budget

Owning a pet is a blessing. You can’t put a price on companionship, but you can put a price tag on veterinary care. Most of us don’t plan for anything more than a yearly vet visit and this can quickly become a problem. For those of us with multiple pets, the costs can skyrocket overnight, literally. This is why it is crucial to know what options are available to you before your pet needs them! My Veterinary Care on a Budget tips {Read More}

How to Start a Blog in 5 Quick Steps

I started blogging almost seven years ago. It wasn’t something I took lightly and spent a good deal of time thinking about it prior to taking the plunge. Looking back on it now, I can see all the ways I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort, but as with most things, we learn as we go. Thankfully, I am going to tell you How to Start a Blog in 5 Quick Steps, which will get you up {Read More}

Tips for Planning Pregnancy and Beyond

Planning to have a child is exciting. It is filled with all kinds of emotions and surprises along the way. Even if you have had a child, the experience still brings along the same anxiety, questions and the wait until you finally get to meet your baby! These tips for planning pregnancy and beyond are just what you need to get you started on the most exciting journey of your life! Tracking Your Cycle – Tracking your cycle prior to {Read More}

A Beginner’s Guide to Cat Photography #Fuji4Families

I always find that the perfect way to capture a moment is in a photo. With nine fantastic felines, I take a lot of photos. I have had the same camera for a couple years now and while it has been awesome, it was time for an upgrade. I wanted a camera that was more compact and something that would take my cat photography to the next level. Thankfully, that came to me in the form of the Fuji X-A3! {Read More}

Tips for Healthy Habits

With 2017 already one month in, it is time to start making some healthier choices. Thankfully, these don’t have to be huge changes in your life. These tips for healthy habits should help you to make simple changes that could turn into life-long habits. Make healthy lunches: Take a little extra time out of your day and prepare meals. You have a better chance at making healthy choices when you know what you are eating. Meal prep on the weekends can also {Read More}

DIY Birthday Goodie Bags

One of the best parts of a birthday party, besides the cake and gifts, has always been the goodie bags. I can remember several parties I attended as a child and I always loved getting the goodie bag at the end. It was always filled with child-friendly favourites that you could enjoy for hours! When it came time for me to fill goodie bags for my daughter’s birthday, I was excited. I created DIY Birthday Goodie Bags that were fun, functional {Read More}

Wedding Season Tips

It is wedding season time again! Whether you will be a wedding guest, part of the wedding party, or getting married, you will find yourself needing to be wedding-ready. These Wedding Season Tips will help you maneuver wedding season with ease and a smile! Don’t skip your beauty routine, but do skip the expensive waxing appointments. If you want to feel smooth and confident in your most leggy dress at the next wedding you attend, opt for home wax strips over a {Read More}