Five Places to See in San Francisco

One story my Dad always enjoyed sharing with me was about the time he visited his sister in San Francisco as a teenager. I heard that story more times than I could remember, but it resonated with me. After he passed away, I knew I needed to visit San Francisco and get a taste of the magic. My husband and I made the trip for my 30th birthday and I was so enchanted. I hope to go back in the future and {Read More}

Haunted Algonquin Resort

When it comes to haunted places, I am always ready for an adventure. Last year, I was given the opportunity to visit the absolutely amazing Algonquin Resort and of course, had to check out its haunted history! Upon arrival, I went to the front desk to check in and also inquire about any ghost tours available. Luckily for me, I was able to book a private tour for that evening. I can honestly say I hadn’t had such ghost tour service {Read More}

Canadian Road Trips #Giveaway

There is nothing like a summertime family road trip. Being in Canada has shown me there are so many fabulous possibilities when it comes to taking road trips that the whole family will appreciate. These three road trip ideas are perfect for someone in every province! Quebec City, Haliburton and Tofino here you come! Tofino, British Columbia. Looking for something truly picturesque? Head to Canada’s surf capital – Tofino. Get your family on a ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo and drive along the {Read More}

Staycation Tips #Giveaway

Sometimes a vacation is just not a possibility. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find ways for you and your family to enjoy a staycation! These fabulous staycation tips will help you to relax and step away from the everyday stress! You get to enjoy the indoors where you can stay warm and cozy. And on the days you choose, you can head outdoors for a truly unique adventure. Plan an indoor excursion. Take a trip to a favourite museum, art gallery {Read More}

Ideas for Leap Year in Canada

With an extra day in February this year, why not take advantage of it and plan some fun! Get out and embrace the beautiful Canadian Winter by trying something new as a family. Enjoy your time together and it never hurts to get out of the house! Go snowshoeing: Chances are, you’re not too far from a national park or scenic trail that is optimal for snowshoeing. Snowshoes have come a long way from the tennis racket-esque versions you’re probably expecting {Read More}

Family Travel in Saint Andrews by the Sea – New Brunswick #LetsGONB

Out of all the destinations I visited, St. Andrews by the Sea was where I absolutely loved the most. Everything was wonderful along the way, but something about this whimsical and charming place just stood out to me. I could easily imagine myself living in a destination like this one! Family travel in Saint Andrews by the Sea is a must in my book! Our fun began at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium. We quickly made our way downstairs upon arrival in {Read More}

Family Travel in Saint John – New Brunswick #LetsGONB

The start of our Saint John, New Brunswick adventures began at the Reversing Rapids. The experience allows you to witness the Bay of Fundy high tide reversing into the Saint John River. We arrived at a fabulous spot overlooking the tide. It is really a site to behold and there is an obvious struggle that goes on within the waters to eventually make a full reverse of the tide! After seeing the Reversing Rapids, it was time to check in to the {Read More}