10 Benefits to Having a Cat

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In a given day, I experience the joys of motherhood with that of my children as well as my furbabies! Keep in mind that a lot of chaos ensues throughout the day, but the benefits always outweigh the cons.

For cat owners everywhere, here are 10 Benefits to Having a Cat just in case you weren’t already convinced! After all, cats are like magic, didn’t you know?!

10 Benefits to Having a Cat. A must read for any kitty owner!

10 Benefits to Having a Cat!

Companionship – One of the reasons we love our cats as much as we do is because we form a bond of love and respect. Mind you, even if there are moments you have your doubts, your cat is your furever companion! You have yourself an instant furry sidekick that just happens to love all your favourite Netflix shows too!

Healing Purrs – Did you know that a cat purrs normally within a range of 20-140 Hertz? This just happens to fall in what is considered the therapeutic range! This means petting your cat helps your body to heal. Who knew?! There are studies showing decreases in chances of heart attack as well as healing of muscles in cat owners!

Stress Relief – When you are having a bad day or even a bad week, there is nothing like sitting down and snuggling a cat. The soothing purr and gentle kitty biscuits on your leg just make everything seem okay. You can also find yourself caught up in a game of throw the kitty toy and almost forget your troubles for a time!

Alarm Clock – Anyone who has a cat and has not woken up for their usual routine knows that a cat is the best alarm clock you can have. Your cat will make sure to either lay on you or bat your face because they need their morning food. Heaven forbid you sleep in by a few minutes as that is just not acceptable in the land of cat logic!

Reduces Blood Pressure/Anxiety – Just spending time with a cat reduces blood pressure. Studies have shown that cat owners have a lower blood pressure than those without cats. The purr and calming kitty personality just makes everything okay. Those with anxiety also know that a cat can calm nerves that otherwise would be off the chart!

Lap Warmer – One year the power went out for the night in December. Being in Canada, it was cold. However, having 10 cats meant that my children and I were snug in our bed because of their combined cat warmth. Whether in bed or on the couch, cat warmth must be appreciated!

Achieve Patience – Patience is a virtue. However, it doesn’t come easily. Cat owners know that waiting on your cat to do something you want can take what seems like forever. Patience is learned in the many times we find ourselves waiting on our cats.

Pest Control – Whether a fly hunter indoors or a mouse hunter outside, cats are great at pest control. If you are lucky, they will even leave you a gift or two to say they love you!

Exercise Buddy – Like exercising in the home? Good, your cat can help with that. From cleaning up the occasional hairball to changing the kitty litter often, your cat keeps you moving whether you like it or not!

Challenges Your Mind – Just sitting down and trying to make sense of what your cat may be thinking or feeling requires some serious brain power. Cat logic exists and finding the answer behind each meow really does work the mind!

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  1. I love the last one! Our cat always had me wondering what she was cooking up! I love that they are always one step ahead, and definitely great lap warmers 😊

  2. With 2 cats in the house I can certainly relate to all of the above! I’ve never looked at cleaning up hairballs and cleaning the kitty litter as exercise but not that I think about it!

  3. Love ya girl! Always a good blog post. 🙂 Its amazing the benefits of owning an animal (cats included!). I think people don’t always realize its good for their HEALTH. Great article!

  4. I know some wonderful cats. These are all true, and many can be applied to dogs as well. I would add “good listener” to this list as well. I know people think cats ignore everyone but just like dogs, you can talk to them about your day.

  5. LOL. The alarm clock – a few years ago I started getting up early. My cats got used to it and now will absolutely never let me sleep late even on the weekends. My cat Rosie also is a great exercise mate – she likes to stretch out while I am doing yoga. I think it is her way of encouraging me.

  6. Hah! Exercise, indeed! Karma-Kat has me chasing HIM to keep the boy from pestering his sister-cat constantly. Interesting that he’s also the one in need of more exercise, the lil’ pudge-ball, LOL!

  7. robin rue says

    I think cats are so cute, but I am super allergic. I play with my brother’s cat all the time and love seeing how happy he makes their family!

  8. I love this post. Cats are SO awesome! I wish we could have one, but my husband is deathly allergic. =(

  9. This such a cute post! I wish we could have a cat, but there are too many allergies in our family! I love when I can cuddle with one myself they are so cute and I love when they purr!

  10. While dogs often get the credit for being the most loyal, I agree that cats are definitely “furever companions!” Great post, and thanks for the bonus tips/warning signs your cat may be sick—important information.

  11. Ah yes, the best alarm clocks! Who can be mad at a purring fur face on your check in the morning? Not this girl.

  12. We have two cats, and they never fail to make us feel loved! My girls and I, love having soft furry animals to cuddle!

  13. Totally agree! The only thing that doesn’t match my girls is the alarm clock. I never fed them as soon as I got out of bed, so they didn’t get into the habit of eating early. When they were kittens, I had to buy a different alarm clock because Truffle would step on the button at night and turn it off.

    I know how much their purrs have helped me!

  14. Pest control? We has it. No mice in our property (and we have a LOT of gardens round us hee hee).

    A cat keeps you sane, and well balanced, and they also keep you warm in winter, I know I wake up with one sleeping on my ALL THE TIME!!!

  15. These are good points. I didn’t know that it was a common thing for cats to wake their owners up in the morning. My cats definitely do that!

  16. There are definitely benefits to owning cats. I’ve owned cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds, sea monkey’s, and fish. I would say that behind rodents cats are my least favorite pet to own. Cats like to have their way or no way and get an attitude when things don’t go their way. It’s like having a permanent toddler around. I can handle dozens of toddlers (I used to teach preschool) but when it comes to cats, I cringe knowing that they are going to do weird things like sit on your mouse when you are using the computer, try to sit on your head, etc.

  17. Yes, yes, and yes to all these points! If I wasn’t allergic, I would love to have a kitty – especially for the idea of reducing stress. Despite my allergies, I even considered getting one anyway.

  18. As a former cat mom, I can attest to all these reasons and many more. Love kitties! However the only one that both my cats didn’t assist with was the exercise department. Nope my eldest cat was a lazy girl and my youngest one, although spunky and energetic, she’d tire out after playing with the feather wand for about 5-10 minutes. LOL Our pets definitely enrich our lives for the better.

  19. I had cats growing up and loved them! Now there are just a few stray ones around our neighborhood!

  20. Healing purrs and alarm clock, that’s Nutter! I retrained him not to wake me up, but the purrs, he’s a motor boat. Don’t forget about the drool. 😉

  21. Amy Desrosiers says

    When I get my new home I am considering getting a cat. The only fear I have is of scratching. I guess I need some advice on how to prevent that.

    • For scratching, you can clip kitty claws, purchased the plastic neon claw covers that keep them from being able to scratch stuff up and get kitty her own scratching post!!!! I think you just gave me an idea for my next post! Thank you AMY!!!!!!!

  22. I have actually never had a cat before but I have thought about it. We have a lot of dogs though – wonder if they would get along?! 😉

  23. Great list. Healing purrrrs are the best. The alarm clock is not my favourite – I’m not going to lie lol
    Those cupcakes are precious!

  24. I love my cats even when they won’t let me sleep. Cat cuddles are the best.

  25. Heavens forbid I am late giving my cat her soft food in the morning. She will sit there and meow at me non-stop.

  26. Awe cats are just so sweet!!

  27. Pets make such a positive impact on our lives! I’ve had pets all my life, and I never want to be pet free. I love it when my cat purrs when he is on my lap.

  28. I can see how cat can reduce stress. They’re such sweet fluffy little ones.

  29. Your article has inspired me to foster kittens for our local shelter. Our shelter is always in need of kitten fosters until they are old enough for spay/neuter. I’m a dog mom but my dog actually likes cats (he grew up in a cat household when he was a wee pup). Lovely post!

  30. Melanie Walsh says

    We give my mom a hard time because she keeps adopting cats (or being adopted by cats). Each time we visit, there’s a new feline friend. It’s all in good fun, though. I love that she has companionship and things to take care of.

  31. Cats are the cutest ever! I so wish we owned one. My kids would love it!

  32. Oh yes, we do all of the above! Well, not the exercise buddy too much because our mom doesn’t do that often. But when she does we’re right there! And I’m the BEST alarm clock ever!

  33. Growing up, we had cats and they were wonderful and all of the above! My Mom’s beautiful Snowball loved to sleep on my feet (sure kept them warm)! Petting them and hearing them purrrr is indeed so calming! We have adopted a feral, but he is very independent and lives outdoors…I think my whole neighborhood feeds him! So, I do not have any in my home anymore (family with allergies), but I remember those days of sweet kitties. I even brought a pregnant Manx cat home from work because she lived outside of our office building and she didn’t have a home. We kept her and her kitties! We had lost my father, and the cats really helped with stress and sadness. Great post! I just followed you on all the social media – I mean cats and cupcakes, how wonderful!

  34. Jennifer G says

    If my husband wasn’t so allergic to cats I would totally have one. My daughter love them so much too but now it appears that she is also allergic. You have made me want one even more now though.

  35. kathy downey says

    You are so right on everyone,Cats make my heart warm.

  36. Travelbuds says

    These are all so true. I love cats and grew up with cats. I don’t have one at the moment but still love them so much.

  37. I have considered getting a cat; less work than a dog, more independent… I will have to put more thought into it after the summer is over. Maybe a rescue. Any suggestions on what to look for when looking for a cat? Things to look for in temperament?

    • Check out my post on How to Choose a Cat! It will definitely help!!!! Good luck!!!!!

  38. Calvin F. says

    My cat is surprisingly not good at pest control, but everything else here is valid and he has many more benefits too. Great post.

  39. Having a cat is a commitment but definitely a worthwhile one for me!