Basic Cat Care Tips

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If you’re ready to bring a new cat into your home, there are a few things you should know. Before adopting a new cat, take some time to brush up on some basic cat care tips so that you know you’re doing the best you can for your cat.

These Basic Cat Care Tips are Kitty Approved. Any breed, any home!

Basic Cat Care Tips

Groom your cat regularly – No matter the length of your cat’s fur, regular grooming is important. Brushing or combing your cat can also be a nice bonding experience. You can spend time together while you’re watching your favorite show on TV or listening to music and cuddle and groom your cat.

Have enough litter boxes – When it comes to litter boxes, it’s important to have enough. The general rule is one per cat, plus one more. So, if you have two cats, you should have at least three litter boxes. If you have one cat, two boxes should do. Just make sure they have access to the litter boxes at all times and that you always keep them clean. You will need to scoop regularly.

Provide fresh water always – Fresh water is as important to your cats as it is to us. Your cat, however, can’t go to the sink and pour himself a glass. This is why it’s very important to provide fresh water in clean bowls at all times.

Train your cat to use a scratching post – Cats need to scratch. It’s important to keep their claws in top condition and to stretch their muscles. If you train a cat to use a scratching post, it will also be good for your furniture.

These Basic Cat Care Tips are Kitty Approved. Any breed, any home!

Keep an eye out for urination outside the litter box – Going outside the litter box may be a sign that your cat has a urinary tract infection, or some other medical condition that needs checked out by the vet. If you’re keeping the boxes clean and your cat is going outside of them, book an appointment to get her checked out, just in case.

Care for your cat’s teeth – Cats develop tartar on their teeth just like we do. This can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Many cats won’t let their owners brush their teeth for them, so you can schedule a cleaning with the vet at least once per year.

Always use a cat carrier in the car – Just like a small child is safest in a car seat, your cat is safest in a cat carrier that is properly secured when in a moving vehicle.

Visit the vet regularly – Just like humans need regular checkups, regular vet visits for your cat are very important. This will make sure no illnesses or conditions go undetected and that your cat is in the best health possible.

Now that you have these basics for caring for your cat, you can be on your way. Keep in mind that you never stop learning about your cat. The two of you will grow together and as you bond, you’ll learn more than just these cat basics. You’ll also learn about your individual cat, her personality, and how to keep her happy and loved.

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