Bio-Scriptives Alo-Verix ~ Deep Moisturizing Cream Giveaway {07/11}

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Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens did receive the following product for review purposes. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.


Bio-Scriptives Alo-Verix has been formulated as a deep moisturizing cream for dry skin, and provides benefits for everyday use. Alo-Verix does not use petrolatum, wax, paraffin, mineral oil, or parabens. The Alo-Verix formulation was created with a unique combination of ingredients.

The moisture rich formula contains a powerful blend of non-irritating amino acids, fatty acids, aloe vera, shea butter and resveratrol.

Dry skin happens. However, it doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. With the right product, dry skin can become a thing of the past, which is where Alo-Verix comes in!

Since my Mother-in-Law is a huge fan of moisturizers, I had her review Alo-Verix. For her, she was excited about the chance to try something new, as well as a product that could be used daily. After using the product consistently, she was very happy with the results. Her favourite result was how hydrated her skin felt. It became part of her early morning routine. The product also did not irritate her skin in the slightest.

Bio-Scriptives has created a product perfect for everyday use and there is no better time to take care of your skin than now! Make sure to keep up with Bio-Scriptives by visiting them on Facebook!


Thanks to Bio-Scriptives, One Lucky Reader will win their own bottle!

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  1. Susan T. says:

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  10. like hearing that it didn’t irritate her skin

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