CatDog: Season 1, Part 2 Review & Season 2, Part 1 Giveaway ENDED

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I have absolutely loved seeing all the fantastic cartoons that are coming back out on DVD. So I was thrilled to get the chance to review both CatDog: Season One, Part Two and CatDog: Season Two, Part One DVD sets from Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon! My Son absolutely loved watching these! The antics are hilarious and I loved how along the way, CatDog only improve their friendship each episode. I think all children can benefit from learning to adapt and being able to work together with others.

CatDog: Season One, Part 2 features the last 10 episodes of the first season and available for purchase at a retailer near you! It is also on sale on Amazon for only $14.99 (reg. $19.93).

DVD Episodes for Season One, Part 2:

  • Escape From the Deep End / The Collector
  • CatDog’s End / Siege On Fort CatDog
  • Armed and Dangerous / Fistful of Mail!
  • Safety Dog / Dog Come Home!
  • New Neighbors / Dead Weight
  • All About Cat / Trespassing
  • Just Say CatDog Sent Ya / Dog’s Strange Condition
  • Home is Where the Dirt is / New Leash on Life
  • Neferkitty / Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat
  • Smarter Than the Average Dog / CatDog Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

CatDog: Season Two, Part One releases on June 5th, so mark your calendars!!

Conjoined brothers Cat and Dog are back for more adventures in the second season of the hit Nickelodeon show CatDog! This 2-DVD set contains the first 10 episodes of Season 2 on DVD for the first time! In these episodes we find Cat joining clown school, CatDog entering a battle of the bands, and a magic trick that separates the brothers!

DVD Episodes

  • Send in the CatDog / Fishing for Trouble / Fetch
  • The Lady is a Shriek / Dog the Mighty
  • Hail the Great Meow Woof / Battle of the Bands
  • Adventures in Greaser Sitting / The Cat Club / Cat Diggety Dog
  • Climb Every CatDog / Canine Mutiny
  • Fred the Flying Fish / CatDog Divided
  • The Unnatural / Dog Ate It / Dopes On Slopes
  • Spaced Out / Nine Lives
  • Dem Bones / Winslow’s Home Videos / You’re Fired
  • Showdown at Hole 18 / Sneezie Dog

Right now, you can pre-order CatDog: Season Two, Part One on Amazon for $17.99 (reg. $19.93).


Thanks to Nickelodeon, One Lucky Reader will a copy of CatDog: Season Two, Part One!


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