15 Easy DIY Cat Projects

When you own a cat, you know just how expensive cat stuff can be. As much as we love to spoil our cats, it can put a pretty decent dent in your budget. Thankfully, these 15 easy diy cat projects can save you time and money! 15 Easy DIY Cat Projects 1. DIY Catnip Toy – No cat is going to say no to this fabulous catnip toy! 2. Cat Toy Plushies – Because plushies just make everything better! 3. Stripey the {Read More}

How to Make an Easy Birthday Cake for Your Cat

Every cat has a birthday. Most cat owners don’t have the first clue what to do in terms of a birthday cake for their cat. For many, they aren’t even sure what day their cat was born. Thankfully, if you aren’t sure of the date, you can just pick one day a year that you celebrate your spoiled kitty. My how to make an easy birthday cake for your cat is ridiculously fast and your cat will thank you! How {Read More}

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Cat

I always consider February to be the month of love. With Valentine’s Day only a couple weeks away, it is time to start planning that special day with the one you love. In this case, I am talking about your amazing cat. You know that the love between you and your fur baby is true, so celebrate Valentine’s Day with your cat! These cat-approved suggestions will help you prepare the best day together ever! Celebrate With Your Kitty Cat! Dress {Read More}

Why You Should Never Declaw Your Cat

Years ago, I declawed my cat, Belle. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. However, over the years I have learned the very opposite to be true. My choice to declaw her was wrong. While it seems like just a simple procedure, it is way more than that. The reasons why you should never declaw your cat are simple and will save your cat a lifetime of suffering. Why You Should Never Declaw Your Cat 1. Cruel Procedure – {Read More}

Printable Cat Valentine’s Day Cards

We are already into 2018 and it is already time to think about Valentine’s Day. As a cat lover, nothing says I love mew more than printable cat Valentine’s Day cards! With 3 adorable designs to choose from, these are perfect for kids of all ages to share! Printable Cat Valentine’s Day Cards Each card features an adorable gentleman cat and a sassy cat quote! My personal favourite is, “I Slow Blink for You,” which of course any cat lover {Read More}

Cat Tree Options For Your Kitten

My most recent kitten attention to my cat household is Lumiere. I was considering adopting a kitten, so I went to the local SPCA here in town. Now, my intent was going to be getting a black kitten. My black kitty gentleman, Cubby, passed away some time ago and my heart longed for another black kitty! However, Lumiere, who was Clyde at the time, had other plans. The moment my youngest son and I walked into the SPCA, Lumiere jumped {Read More}

5 Holiday Hazards for Your Cat

The holidays are here and there are so many fabulous things to look forward to. However, sometimes we forget that what is perfectly fine for us can pose a hazard to our pets. Whether you will be celebrating at home or with family, these 5 Holiday Hazards For Your Cat need to be addressed to keep kitty safe for Christmas! Decorations/Ornaments – What would the holidays be without all the fantastic Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decor galore?! However, these {Read More}