NOW FRESH Natural Cat Food #Giveaway

Feeding 11 cats can sometimes be a challenge. While many are happy with their usual meal, many have a preference regarding flavour or texture. I even had the rare experience of all my cats boycotting a dry food. I won’t name names, but they clearly made a lasting impression on what they really thought about that cat food. Thus, I am constantly adapting to my cats needs and wants. Recently, I was sent NOW FRESH Natural Cat Food from Petcurean {Read More}

10 Christmas Cat Ornaments For Cat Lovers

November is finally here! For many of us, it is also the month where we start to put up Christmas decorations. For me, the first thing to go up is always the tree. There is just something truly heartwarming about decorating the tree and enjoying all the pretty twinkling lights. As a cat lover, rest assured that my tree is decorated yearly with cat ornaments and a few special family ornaments to give it spice! For all those who love {Read More}

Printable Cat Christmas Gift Tags

If you are anything like me, you have already started your Christmas shopping. I like to have it under control before December. There is no fun in having to rush, rush, rush. Plus, you can snag better deals that way! However, one task I put off until a day or so before Christmas is wrapping presents. I will usually lock myself in my bedroom and spend a good hour or so getting presents wrapped. The final touch for each gift {Read More}

5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

We all know the pure joy of getting a kitten. They are little and beyond cute. They are a ball full of energy and usually get into a ridiculous amount of mischief. However, a large majority of cats that are found in rescues as well as shelters are senior cats. They are often abandoned or dropped off at a shelter because the owner passes or becomes unable to care for a senior cat. A senior cat is more than their {Read More}

Groom Your Cat in 3 Easy Steps – Eazee Click & Brush #Giveaway

With 11 cats, I deal with a lot of cat hair on a constant basis. It is just one of those extra-special perks to cat ownership that I wouldn’t change for the world. To spice it up, I have both long and short-haired cats, so it adds variety to the cat hair offering. Picture hardwood flooring meets cat hair. Thankfully, you can groom your cat in 3 easy steps. I attribute my new found sanity with the cat hair situation {Read More}

Prepare Your Cat for the Zombie Apocalypse

Do you have a cat? Do you find yourself thinking about what will happen if the zombie apocalypse becomes a reality one day? Good, then this post is a must-read for you! The steps you take to prepare your cat for the zombie apocalypse not only gets your cat ready for the spookfest, but it also means your kitty partner-in-crime will be there to watch your back as well! After all, we all deserve to have an adorable, yet completely {Read More}

Keep Your Cat Safe on Halloween

Halloween is one holiday that can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether it be trick-or-treating, wearing a fun costume, or attending a Halloween party, there is always something for everyone. However, it also means you need to take precautions to Keep Your Cat Safe on Halloween. Keep Your Cat Safe on Halloween! Black Cat Precautions – Black cats are a blessing. However, there are many individuals that get caught up in superstitions, cults, etc. that pose a seriously risk to a {Read More}