How to Choose the Perfect Cat Tree for Your Cat

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When it comes to must-haves for your cat, most people think the basics such as food, water, toys and a bed. All four are definitely staples any cat owner should be providing. However, one must not forget the importance of having a cat tree in the home. As much as you like having personal space in your home, so does your cat. Whether this means keeping a watchful eye from above or just being able to get a catnap in without menacing children, your cat benefits tremendously from having his/her own space. Check out my tips on how to choose the perfect cat tree for your cat and decide for yourself!

How to Choose the Perfect Cat Tree For Your Cat. Great tips that your kitty will appreciate!

How to Choose the Perfect Cat Tree For Your Cat

Consider your space. Whether your live in a condo, apartment, or house, keep in mind how much space you have available for a cat tree. Since most cat trees are taller than they are wide, you should be all set if you have at least a spare corner of a room. Thankfully, Little Whiskers carries several different styles of cat trees, including ones that fit perfectly in a corner space!

Consider your cat’s age/activity level. Each cat is different and as cat’s age, they often aren’t the youthful, activity-centered kitties they once were. Many of the cat trees available at Little Whiskers offer ramps/steps, which allow your cat to roam from the bottom to the very top without a lot of hassle.How to Choose a Cat Tree for Your Cat

Check out features available. Despite what you may have heard, all cat trees are not created equal. It is important to pay close attention to the various features as well as the quality. My cats were lucky enough to receive the Victoria Cat Tree and it is fabulous. Some of my favourite features include 5 levels, a condo and the posts are wrapped in sisal! With a multi-cat household, a decently-sized tree is a must. Plus, they can’t get enough of all the levels.

Pay attention to cost involved. A high-quality cat tree isn’t going to be super cheap. You really do get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Being in Canada, I also have to consider shipping fees. I loved that is a Canadian Company. Their cat trees range from $55-200 and with a delivery time being 1-7 business days, you really can’t beat that. Plus, they have free expedited shipping!

How to Choose a Cat Tree

Choosing a cat tree that is right for you and your cat is a must. Plus, your cat will thank you for it!

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Disclosure:  My 3 Little Kittens did receive product for this post. All opinions are honest & that of My 3 Little Kittens.

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  1. Great tips here! And now I know about Little Whiskers. Who doesn’t like free expedited shipping? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I could see our kitty enjoying one of these. And, hopefully, having one would mean less hair on the human furniture.

  3. Thanks for this post. I’ve been looking for a bigger cat tree since our new kitten is a serious climber. I’ve looked on Amazon and in pet stores but they are so expensive! This site is exactly what I was looking for. Now to pick one…

    • Awesome to hear Susan! My youngest kitties are only 1 and they go nuts over it!!!! I am sure your little kitten will love whatever you pick!

  4. Teresa Claire says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I have a cat and her name is Audrey Hepburn…really! She needs a new post so this subject was a really good read for me. Your cat looks like my sister’s cat Willie Wonka…really!

  5. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for this post….I do not have a cat but this will be great for the shelter

  6. nikki robak says:

    I got a great cat tree for my kitties and I had to get one that was good for a kitten and a senior cat so your ideas were relevant

  7. We have bought many trees, but our cats prefer the fridge, tops of boxes, bookcases, and our heads.

  8. Veronique L says:

    Great ideas! My cats love my cat tree…depending on the view they have when they are in it. If it’s close to an open window they are there in an instant!

  9. My son and daughter-in-law have a huge tree for their cats. It takes up a whole corner in the living room. The cats just love it

  10. The tree sizes vary so make sure you get the right one for your room

  11. Anne Taylor says:

    Great tips! Our cats so enjoy their cat tree! One of them spends most of her time on it!

  12. kathy downey says:

    I just love the cat tree,and I can tell they do also

  13. Judy Cowan says:

    Will have to check Little Whiskas out because our two could really use a new Cat Tree, their current one is starting to get wore out. Like that they are a Canadian Company!

  14. Alexia H. says:

    Informative post – I just bought a cat tree for my elder cat and he is having trouble getting to the highest level 🙁

  15. Diana Corlett says:

    I know a couple of almost black cats who would love the Victoria Cat Tree!

  16. Amy Lovell says:

    I got a cat tree for my kitty and he rarely uses it! Def wish I had read this before getting him one!

  17. kathy downey says:

    The shelter got a huge one donated for the Cats its awesome they love it

  18. Cheryl Grandy says:

    Our cat tree didn’t get much use for a few months because our cat has gotten too old to jump up on it easily. However, we now have a much younger cat also living with us, so it’s in use again. So are the tops of high cupboards and bookcases! We’d forgotten how active a young cat can be.

  19. Elizabeth Matthiesen says: is obviously the best choice for Canadians – free shipping isn’t to be sneezed at eh?

  20. Love this!! Thank you for your ideas. 🙂
    I think it’s so important to invest in good quality play things, such as a cat tree. It’s great for their nails, AND they love to hide in/on them!!

  21. That cat tree looks like a fabulous play place. I haven’t bought one but I did get a free one from a neighbor for an acquaintance.

  22. I had no idea, though I guess I should have, that cats need ramps too as they age. I think it is wonderful they have cat trees made with ramps! I was watching one of the TV cat rescue shows recently and they were telling an owner how important cat trees are for cats and how they can also save furniture. Again, I had no idea.

  23. Great tips! I’ve even seen some crazy pictures floating around the internet of people who have built “cat trees” onto blank walls in their home. How cool, and I know the cats love it!

    • I actually have a cat structure that fits to my wall. My cats love it and it is a great option to utilize space!!!!

  24. You cat photos are adorable! I pinned the first one. Your cat looks so relaxed and happy on the cat tree.Thank you for sharing such great tips on choosing a tree that will feel like home for your cats.

  25. Hindy Pearson says:

    Lots of great tips on buying the perfect cat tree, thanks for sharing. I’m always amazed at the huge array of styles out there, it can be hard to choose. I had a group of 5 cats for many years, so having one cat tree to suit their various likes was a challenge!! o

  26. Loved the practical tips! And I did not know that this was called a cat tree, haha! I wish there was something like that for dogs too, but dogs are so clumsy!

  27. Puck loved having a cat tree. We had three levels with lots of sisal since he had all his claws and a hanging feather toy for him to bat at. It didn’t have a condo but a nest on the top that he would lay in to look out the window. After he passed we gave it to my brother-in-law for his two cats to use and enjoy!

  28. These are one of the items that I have always said I would get if I had a cat. They always look like they have so much fun climbing and playing on them. It seems like a very small investment in what looks like tremendous reward for the cat. Great tips on what one would need to consider before buying!

  29. I just popped over and checked out the Little Whiskers cat trees! They’ve got some seriously cool options! I’m digging the Quebec City Cat Tree! I’ll keep them in mind when it’s time to buy another!

  30. Cat trees are the best! Our cat Jasmine loves hers. She sleeps on the top level everyday for her naps in the sunshine. I highly recommend every cat owner have at least one.

  31. My tree is 6ft tall, made from bamboo with sisal, and made by an ngineer. We are Maine Coons and deserving such!

  32. I like that Little Whiskers offers trees with ramps to help senior cats. When Miss Bianca was a senior cat, she had a hard time getting around, and a product like this that would allow her to safely climb would have made her purfectly happy.

    • I completely agree! My sweet Cubby passed several months ago, but that was one of the reasons I loved the Little Whiskers line. He was able to make his way up the stairs/ramps to enjoy the cat tree just as he had in his early years!!!!! Huge Bonus!

  33. We need a better selection here in New Zealand. Ours currently love their window hammocks more than the cat trees HUH!!!

  34. Oh, this is such a wonderfully timed post – our neighbor, who is a kitty parent, was asking about cat trees! We didn’t have much information to offer, so this is great – and we love your recommendation! We will share, thank you 🙂

  35. I never had a cat tree for my previous cats. However, I chose to get one when Truffle was coming to live with me. Both of the girls love resting in their trees. Brulee prefers the top perch (even though she is the cobby Persian), but Truffle rests on the lower levels. It’s also important to make sure the tree is sturdy with a large base.

  36. There are so many awesome cat trees these days! When I had my beautiful girl Maggie cat there were so few choices. Now they have ones that would put my own furniture to shame, LOL! Lots of choices.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  37. I’m actually jealous that dogs cannot make use of something like these things. The trees look like so much fun.

  38. I wish I had had a cat tree for my cat Nala. I didn’t realize how important they were. She spent a lot of time outside and had things to climb on but that looks so much fun. Love the kitten pic too- so cute.

  39. I love that they make cat trees that less agile cats can use! My cat isn’t much of a climber or jumper (he can make it onto the sofa) so we never thought to get him a tree. I’ll have to look into one for him.

  40. I don’t currently have a cat, so I don’t have experience picking out cat trees, but I’m sure these are great tips! Sometimes I’m a bit jealous of all the cool furniture for cats, but I bet it gets pricey so picking out the right one is definitely important.

  41. Great points! I know that having something like a cat tree helps with enrichment, exercise, play, and and agility. Not all cat items are the same, so it’s important for pet owners to do their research first. Thanks for providing this useful resource.

  42. I like your point about considering your cat’s age and activity level in cat tree selection. Including ramps and steps is a great idea, I need to check out Little Whiskers! Thanks for sharing the info about them, I love finding out about new products I can share with readers!

  43. They have some pretty amazing cat trees out there, I love the great big ones with lots of spots for the kitty!

  44. This is such a helpful guide for cat owners. I don’t own a cat but you made some great points to think about!

  45. The cat tree in the photo seems wonderful. I was always fussy about selecting cat trees for my cat. He did enjoy them and I wanted better quality so that it would last longer.

  46. Thanks for all the great info.My cat isn’t a climber at all.Maybe it is her age because we got her at the pound and we aren’t sure of her age but she is definitely not a young cat.I do like the cat trees but they wouldn’t suit her.

  47. I like having cat trees at every window.

  48. Calvin F. says:

    I have a huge cat tree for my cat, he likes it! It looks like new even after 5 years

  49. kathy downey says:

    I just ordered a cool cat house,guess it’s their Christmas gift !

  50. We have never had a cat tree for our cat but I would probably get one if we ever got a new kitten.

  51. lori galbraith says:

    We have had and appreciated cat trees.

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