Do GMOs Scare You?

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For me, this year has been about a lot of personal change. While some of the changes were out of my control, I am doing my best to embrace what control I do have. I have spent the last couple of months working towards a better me both mentally and physically. Mind you, the process is slow. I didn’t get where I am right now overnight and I am being realistic about progress. I started off by cutting back on over-the-counter medications when I realized that I was putting things into my body that I didn’t need. I am trying to cut back on products that have GMOs in them. Next, I started making healthier food choices. This one was probably the hardest for me as I have been in a full-time relationship with sugar for as long as I can remember.

After doing my best to cut out sugar, I added in exercise. I make sure to get some form of exercise each day, whether that means a DVD workout or a walk to the post office. Finally, I wanted to give back to my body, which has gotten me through so very much—so I started using Sundown Naturals®. The combination of all my changes has really started me on the path to a better me and is the exact reason why you need Sundown Naturals® in your life!

Sundown Naturals® is new to Canada and stand apart from the rest because their vitamins are 100% free of the stuff you don’t want, 100% of the time! Can your vitamin brand say that?

All the products in the Sundown Naturals® line are:

  • Non-GMO
  • Free from gluten
  • Free from dairy
  • No artificial flavours and colours
  • No preservatives

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sundown Naturals®. All opinions are honest and that of My 3 Little Kittens.


  1. I avoid GMO’s whenever possible. Even if they never do anything to me in my lifetime, why would I take the chance? I want to use and consume things that are REAL.

  2. I go all natural whenever possible. I cannot stand the thought of putting chemicals on my skin and weird, hybridized “sort of food but not really” in my body. I know that’s not the scientific definition, but you get it.

  3. I am learning more and more about my body and what I put in it and this is something that I am defiantly concerned with. I still need to check out more but I am in the process of cutting out things myself.

  4. GMO’s definitely scare me as someone with severe food allergies. Reading ingredients and labels is no longer enough. For instance, a farmer uses arctic fish bone DNA to keep wheat from freezing, and bam, you all of a sudden exposed your wheat to possible shellfish problems, and then I have an allergic reaction. I’ve already experienced this in varying degrees, and the FDA does too little to regulate GMO’s, basically stating that you just have to write that you use GMO’s in your products, but not what those GMO’s are.

  5. kathy downey says:

    Well congratulations and good luck on your journey.GMO’s definitely worry me and i try to stay away from them.

  6. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I am all for self improvement. I too have also been working hard to improve the quality of my life and Sundown makes that easier.

  7. Sundown Naturals sound like a great way to help support your body. It is so important to pay attention to what we are putting into ourselves. There are so many unnecessary additives in a lot of foods today.

  8. I have family that has food allergies and GMOs could cause a fatal reaction if the wrong product is used. I take a daily regimen of vitamins. I will have to look into Sundown Naturals.

  9. GMO’s worry me; especially in relation to the environment and the impact they are having on our naturally evolved plants and vegetables. Plus, they don’t have the same nutritional value. Good to know about Sundown Naturals.

  10. Whenever I can, I do not anything with a GMO. They are a nasty additive to our foods.

  11. There’s something nice about moving towards more natural foods and products. It’s good to know you’re not ingesting anything unsafe.

  12. After watching a GMO documentary it has been a struggle to find the labels telling me what is non GMO. I will have to look into these!

  13. I don’t know that much about GMOs, but I’ve been trying to do some research. Sundown Naturals is a great product. Why ingest GMOs if there is a better alternative, right?

  14. I’ve been looking into my vitamins a lot and love what Sundown Naturals stands for. Sounds like a great option!

  15. Definitely, vitamins are important! I’m somewhat familiar with GMO’s, and I know there is a huge debate about this right now.

  16. Ugh! GMOs stress me out bigtime! I’m glad there are still some safe sources of vitamins like Sundown Naturals. I prefer to use non-GMO whenever possible.

  17. Not a fan of GMOs at all, it’s a constant struggle to eat healthily and find food that hasn’t been altered or sprayed – which is a whole other thing too. Will have to check out Sundown Naturals.

  18. RaNesha says:

    Your body is most important so going the all natural route is definitely a plus. Congratulations I stay away from GMOs.

  19. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Sundown Naturals sound like interesting new products to me. I do take vitamins so I’d best check these out, thanks for posting. 🙂

  20. Quite hard to avoid gmos now adays but yes I try.

  21. kathy downey says:

    Last year when the kids started School i found a program on you tube and started Yoga,i missed one month while on vacation but got right back at it and i do feel better!

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