Easy Frozen Banana Cat Treats

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So far this summer, we have had quite a few days that were over 30 Degrees Celsius and for me that is way too hot! And rest assured that if I am finding it too hot, my cats are basking in the sunlight coming through the windows and loving the heat! My youngest cat, Cheshire, can usually be found on top of my Son’s bunk bed or in his favourite cat tree next to the window. Either way, he makes the most out of everyday. I decided I wanted to do something special for all my cats, so I created Easy Frozen Banana Cat Treats. They take the goodness of homemade treats and pair them with frozen banana for a summer time favourite!These Easy Frozen Banana Cat Treats are perfect for every kitty! Plus, you can got wrong with homemade!

Easy Frozen Banana Cat Treats Your Cat Will Meow For!

What sets these treats apart from the rest are the fact they only take 3 ingredients – Banana, Catmilk and Cat Treats. While you can go to the store and pick these all up, I prefer to go with my Figaro’s Favourite Cat Treats. They are not only quick to make, but my cats absolutely go nuts for them! However, if you really don’t have the 20 minutes it takes to bake them, you can go with store-bought treats.

When you are ready to put the ingredients together, start with a bowl. Take one container of Catmilk and mix it together with one banana. Set aside.

Easy Frozen Banana Cat Treats

Take an ice cube tray and place treats in bottom of the tray. You will then take the mixture of banana/Catmilk and fill up the ice cube tray. Once filled, place in the freezer to freeze! You will find these are the perfect cool treat for every kitty in your life!

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  1. These sound perfect for a hot summer day, I’m going to try making them for our kitties!

  2. kathy downey says:

    Thanks Kristen,i can;t wait to try these treat for the kitties.As you know our kitties always have a fresh supply ofFigaro’s Favourite Cat Treats,i even like those !

  3. Those are great! I have a friend with cats, and I think she’d love to make these for her fuzzy friends. Thanks!

  4. This is great! Cats need frozen treats just as much as humans do. We always remember to make popsicles in the summer, but so many people forget their pets.

  5. OHHH I have a friend with three cats! She would love this for them! I will have to show her this post.

  6. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    Omg I am making these for mine .. frozen cat treats I wonder if Sassy will start smacking them around the room lol

  7. Now this is a fun idea. I think our kitties would get a kick out of these treats. I love how simple they are to make!

  8. This looks cool! This is a great little recipe and I will be sure to share it with my friends who own cats.

  9. These look like my Aunt’s cat would love this. If I still had a cat id for sure make this. These also seem so easy to make.

  10. These are great!! I didn’t even know cats liked bananas!

  11. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I never knew cats liked bananas! My mom’s cat is so funny-he will only eat human recipe chicken. He snubs everything else.

  12. What a great idea. I have three cats and I’m sure they would love these treats. I’ve always wanted to make some treats for them on my own.

  13. My daughter will be super excited to make these for the cat. She adores our cat, just gave him a bath last week!

  14. I’ll have to make these for my three cats. I am sure they will love them, especially Reggie.

  15. What a great idea. My cat can be finicky about treats but I still want to try these with her.

  16. Thanks for the litter box tips, that’s the last hold up on allowing the littles to have a kitten (eventually)! Didn’t know that about the metal scoop.

  17. Wow I have to let Polly try this I’m sure she will enjoy them. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I don’t have a cats, but my doggies love frozen treats too! I used to make tons of snacks for them, especially during the summer! It’s the perfect summer treat for our furry babies!

  19. I have three cats of my own and I have to make homemade treats for them as well. They are so picky! I am definately going to try these this week to see if they are -too- picky!

  20. What a great cool treat for the kitties! It’s super hot here too… I can’t wait for things to cool down again!

  21. Those looks delicious! I’ll have to make some for Jasmine. She’s SUUUUUPPPPER picky about cat treats and I’ve literally never found a brand that she’ll eat more than maybe twice, but maybe she’ll like the banana? Worth a shot. Thanks for sharing

  22. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about making treats like these for my cats, and so simple too!

  23. Great post! I don’t have cats but it’s been super hot where we are. I’ve been making frozen treats for the dogs to help keep them cool.

  24. Would have never thought of this. The more I read regarding making your own treats and meals, the less intimidated I am to do this. It really is simple and easy to do – let alone healthy. Thank you!

  25. These sound yummy! I can imagine that your cats love them. What a fun way to help curb the summer heat 🙂 Will go check out Figaro’s Favorite Treat recipe!

  26. My cat enjoys pumpkin, but I don’t know if he likes banana. I guess I should try this and find out!

  27. I’ve never given the girls bananas, but I’ve seen other cats eat them. This looks like a simple recipe that I could try with the girls.

  28. Those treats look lovely. I’d go for those. Cookie used to like some fresh fruits, including bananas but over time she decided that if it doesn’t stink of meat she’ll have nothing to do with it.

  29. One of my cats likes bananas and so I am sure this treat will be a hit with her. The other two don’t care for bananas but they do enjoys treats and milk. Maybe they’ll give this cool snack a try too!

  30. These are great – we always share our dog treat recipes, so am loving reading about the cat treats! We have a cool neighbor kitty who comes through our doggy door to say hi – we’ll make some of these for her!

  31. HOW freakin’ cute!!!!! I love this idea!! You always see homemade dog treats, but cats deserve their fair share too! 🙂 Love it, girl.

  32. This is such a fun idea I can’t wait to give it a try. I have 3 rescue cats and they do love their heat and the love to eat!

  33. Great treat! I’ll definitely have to pass this on!

  34. No way! I’m trying this when I get home from work!!

  35. This is such a cute idea! I actually had someone ask me the other day about homemade treats for cats! I will have to keep this one in mind in case I am asked again!

  36. Calvin F. says:

    Cool way for a cat to cool off.

  37. kathy downey says:

    The Cats are sure enjoying these today it’s so hot and humid!

  38. I’m not sure if my cat would like it with the banana but she does love cat treats.


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