Allergy Season with Similasan

One of my favourite months of the year has always been May. It is the month that the beauty of spring really comes into view. It is also the month where allergy season really starts going! My whole family suffers from seasonal allergies, so you can imagine the frustration that brings for keeping everyone’s allergies under control! Thankfully, Similasan has my family covered! Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Recently, my daughter woke up to find her allergies really bothering her eye. {Read More}

Weird But True! Canada – National Geographic Kids

When it comes to learning new facts, I don’t think it could ever get old. My kids have always enjoyed books with fun facts that most of us don’t even realize. Thankfully, we got the chance to check out Weird But True! Canada and it did not disappoint! Even though we live in Canada, we only knew a handful of the facts found in this book! Weird But True! Canada Since we live in Alberta, it was especially fun to {Read More}

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas shopping has already begun. I am so thankful that most of my shopping is already taken care of. That being said, I still need to start the wrapping process! Enjoy these Printable Christmas Gift Tags to help you save some time and money this holiday season. For best results, print these on card stock! Download the printable PDF HERE! Looking for More Content to Check Out? 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Need to Make – Each of these cookie {Read More}

LegArt Apparel for Women and Girls

It is that time again when summer starts to wind down and kids are back-to-school. I am not a hot weather person, so I can’t say I will miss the heat, but I will miss the kids during the day. Mind you, some time to myself will be nice. Thankfully, I will get to relax during the week in my LegArt Apparel. I got the opportunity to receive some fabulous pieces and they are beyond comfortable! Can you say that {Read More}

Celebrate New Costco in Edmonton Twitter Party #CostcoGrandOpening

I have been a Costco Member for as long as I can remember. It is one of those places that you just can’t help but look forward to visiting. From the awesome products to the delicious food to the great gas prices, it just has it all! For those Costco Members in Edmonton, Alberta, you have even more reasons to celebrate! The newest Costco Warehouse has come to Edmonton! To celebrate this awesome occasion, we are having a Twitter Party! {Read More}

Printable Alice in Wonderland Color Count Pages

When I think of some of my very favourite classic stories, Alice in Wonderland definitely comes up in the top 10. The story is loved by children and adults of all ages. My personal favourite is the Cheshire Cat. Who doesn’t love his mischievous smile and sassy attitude! These Printable Alice in Wonderland Color Count Pages are free and perfect for kids of all ages! Printable Alice in Wonderland Color Count Pages There are a total of 6 awesome pages {Read More}

Portable North Pole – Christmas App

One holiday must in our house is always writing to Santa Clause. My kids have been writing him since the moment they could write a sentence and the tradition continues today. Thankfully, to add to the awesome, we have used Portable North Pole for the last few years to create a message from Santa to our children. They look forward to the greeting and always are thrilled to see that he knows who they are! This is something for all {Read More}