Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten Cuddles

This holiday season, I am very grateful for my family. This includes furry family members as well. I am very thankful for being able to love and care for my cats. On that note, we all know someone in our life that would love to have an adorable cat, but getting a real kitten isn’t an option for right now. Thankfully, Little Live Pets came up with the purrrfect solution – My Dream Kitten Cuddles! Little Live Pets My Dream {Read More}

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Frosty #Giveaway

The one thing that is on my Daughter’s Christmas list every year is a puppy. Being a cat household, the reality of us getting a puppy has always been slim to none. Thanks to Little Live Pets, My Dream Puppy Frosty will be under the Christmas tree waiting to love her! She loves toys that she can cuddle with and I know Frosty won’t disappoint! My Dream Puppy Frosty Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Frosty is a ridiculously adorable Husky! {Read More}

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick #Giveaway

Some of the hottest toys on the market right now for the holiday season are from Little Live Pets. My daughter is one of their biggest fans and has been requesting all her favourites for under the tree this year! They recently released their beyond adorable Little Live Pets Surprise Chick! Little Live Pets Surprise Chick Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks really are a surprise. You don’t know which cute Lil Chick you will find until the egg cracks! It can {Read More}

Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybugs #Giveaway

I recently helped my daughter get rid of toys she has outgrown. We ended up with two very full bags of toys past. However, the one brand of toys that she didn’t want to part with was Little Live Pets. She has birds, a mouse and many more. She loves interacting with the toys and so many make-believe adventures ensue. So with Christmas right around the corner, I was excited to get my hands on one of the newest additions {Read More}

4 Must-Have Gifts for Kids from Jakks Pacific #Giveaway

Buying gifts for children of all ages can get quite hectic. I remember back in the day when I shopped completely in person vs online. While it was always nice to see all the fabulous holiday cheer going on, it wasn’t so nice to be surrounded by hundreds of people all trying to get the same product. Thankfully, I shop mostly online now. I want to keep my sanity as in check as possible. So what do you get for {Read More}

Lottie Doll Holiday Gift Ideas #Giveaway

The time for holiday shopping is here! I am thankful that I have a good majority of my holiday shopping done, but still have several gifts to snag! I am thankful that my daughter is relatively easy to shop for. We have the same love of adorable and cute items, plus she is mad about dolls! One of her absolute favourite dolls is Lottie. I have put together some Lottie Doll Holiday Gift Ideas to help you choose the perfect {Read More}

10 Christmas Cat Ornaments For Cat Lovers

November is finally here! For many of us, it is also the month where we start to put up Christmas decorations. For me, the first thing to go up is always the tree. There is just something truly heartwarming about decorating the tree and enjoying all the pretty twinkling lights. As a cat lover, rest assured that my tree is decorated yearly with cat ornaments and a few special family ornaments to give it spice! For all those who love {Read More}