Portable North Pole – Christmas App

One holiday must in our house is always writing to Santa Clause. My kids have been writing him since the moment they could write a sentence and the tradition continues today. Thankfully, to add to the awesome, we have used Portable North Pole for the last few years to create a message from Santa to our children. They look forward to the greeting and always are thrilled to see that he knows who they are! This is something for all {Read More}

10 Christmas Cat Ornaments For Cat Lovers

November is finally here! For many of us, it is also the month where we start to put up Christmas decorations. For me, the first thing to go up is always the tree. There is just something truly heartwarming about decorating the tree and enjoying all the pretty twinkling lights. As a cat lover, rest assured that my tree is decorated yearly with cat ornaments and a few special family ornaments to give it spice! For all those who love {Read More}

Printable Cat Christmas Gift Tags

If you are anything like me, you have already started your Christmas shopping. I like to have it under control before December. There is no fun in having to rush, rush, rush. Plus, you can snag better deals that way! However, one task I put off until a day or so before Christmas is wrapping presents. I will usually lock myself in my bedroom and spend a good hour or so getting presents wrapped. The final touch for each gift {Read More}

Netflix Holiday Calendar

I have spent the majority of the month so far enjoying Christmas movies. Thankfully, I also have Netflix, which allows me even more holiday-themed options! With only a week left before Christmas, you may want to binge watch some of these favourites!   Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. All opinions are honest and that of My 3 Little Kittens.

Best Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids everywhere are counting down the days until Santa arrives! I wish we all could keep that magic and wonder in our hearts after childhood. I am thankful that I am mostly finished with my Christmas shopping as well. With three kids to shop for, you can imagine it can become a little overwhelming. Thankfully, I have the Best Gift Ideas for Kids to help you shop for the little one in your life! Sweet Dreamz on the Go – {Read More}

Deck The Halls With Teleflora #YouDelivered

Christmas flowers are a staple for so many. With all the beauty of the reds and greens, it isn’t hard to see why. The question is, why not surprise those you love with a flower bouquet from YOU! Whether you are heading home for the holidays, or simply want to send a Christmas Wish, there is a gorgeous bouquet waiting at the touch of your fingertips! Deck the Halls this year with Teleflora! Teleflora is celebrating the holiday season with {Read More}

Bring the Holidays Home with Precious Moments Ornaments

I have been a fan of Precious Moments for many years. There is just something about the adorable and whimsical creations that you just can never seem to get enough of. This year, when it came time to decorate my Christmas Tree, I immediately knew I needed something extra special for 2016! I decided to bring the holidays home with Precious Moments Ornaments! Thankfully, there are over 200 ornaments to choose from, so there is something for everyone! So what {Read More}