10 Christmas Cat Ornaments For Cat Lovers

December is finally here! For many of us, it is also the month where we just start to put up Christmas decorations. For me, the first thing to go up is always the tree. There is just something truly heartwarming about decorating the tree and enjoying all the pretty twinkling lights. As a cat lover, rest assured that my tree is decorated yearly with cat ornaments and a few special family ornaments to give it spice! For all those who {Read More}

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas shopping has already begun. I am so thankful that most of my shopping is already taken care of. That being said, I still need to start the wrapping process! Enjoy these Printable Christmas Gift Tags to help you save some time and money this holiday season. For best results, print these on card stock! Download the printable PDF HERE! Looking for More Content to Check Out? 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Need to Make – Each of these cookie {Read More}

10 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Have to Make

There are so many cookie recipes to enjoy throughout the year, but there is just something extra-special about Christmas Cookies! These 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Have to Make will have you spending more time in the kitchen! 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Have to Make These Whipped Shortbread Cookies are not only easy to make, but they are absolutely perfect for any holiday occasion! You can never go wrong with This Lil Piglet’s Chewy Amaretti Holiday Cookies. The red and green colours {Read More}

Portable North Pole – Christmas App

One holiday must in our house is always writing to Santa Clause. My kids have been writing him since the moment they could write a sentence and the tradition continues today. Thankfully, to add to the awesome, we have used Portable North Pole for the last few years to create a message from Santa to our children. They look forward to the greeting and always are thrilled to see that he knows who they are! This is something for all {Read More}

Printable Cat Christmas Gift Tags

If you are anything like me, you have already started your Christmas shopping. I like to have it under control before December. There is no fun in having to rush, rush, rush. Plus, you can snag better deals that way! However, one task I put off until a day or so before Christmas is wrapping presents. I will usually lock myself in my bedroom and spend a good hour or so getting presents wrapped. The final touch for each gift {Read More}

What Your Cat Wants For Christmas

There are only a few more weeks before Catmas! Have you started shopping for the favourite cat(s) in your life? With nine cats, you can imagine I have a lot of shopping to do. Thankfully, I know exactly what your cat wants for Christmas! I have compiled a list of the top 5 products that any cat would be thrilled to get under the Catmas Tree this year! What Your Cat Wants for Christmas Wall-Mounted Cat Shelves – One of {Read More}

Gift Guide for the Perfect Baby Gifts

When it comes to babies, one of the best parts is getting the chance to shop for the perfect baby gift. With Christmas only a few weeks away, my Gift Guide for the Perfect Baby Gifts will help you make the right choice for the littlest cutie in your life! Welcome Baby Gift Set – Welcome that special little bunny home with a delightful gift set! Perfectly wrapped in beautifully illustrated gift box, carrot tissue, signature grosgrain logo ribbon, and card. The gift {Read More}