Maintaining Cat Furniture

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When it comes to cat furniture, my cats spend the majority of their day either sleeping, clawing, or playing on theirs. Our home has several different styles of cat furniture, but more than enough for all the cats to enjoy. While most cat owners are familiar with putting together cat furniture, not so many think about the importance of Maintaining Cat Furniture. These easy tips will help your cat to enjoy their furniture for as long as possible!

Maintaining Cat Furniture Doesn't Have to Be Struggle!

Maintaining Cat Furniture Isn’t Magic!

Tighten screws – The majority of my cat furniture is from Little Whiskers. So after constant cat antics, I find the furniture needs a good screw tighten. This keeps the furniture at its sturdiest and it only takes a couple minutes max. You will notice a need to tighten screws when your cat furniture gives a little sway upon use.

Remove loose material – Cat furniture usually has a combination of carpeting/faux fur, sisal rope and attached toys. While these start out fabulous, you may find that aspects start to wear down as your cat enjoys them. You want to remove any material that becomes a hazard for your cat. Many times you will find that the staples that hold some of these materials together come out and need to be removed. A thorough look takes all of a couple minutes and will keep your cat safe and happy!

Maintaining Cat Furniture Keeps Your Kitty Safe and Happy!

Clean  messes – Cats and messes can go hand in hand, especially on cat furniture. You will find that a puke may occur now and again as well as perhaps a litter accident. Since many times the top perch is higher than we can see, it is important to get a chair and have a thorough look about. Most times, you can use warm water to clean the area and it will look like new in no time at all!

Brush off hair – Cat furniture attracts cat hair as much as it attracts cats. This is a very good thing. However, it will eventually get to the point that the hair is piling up and falling off. You want to give it a good vacuum with the combing brush attachment. You could also use your cat brush to comb away the hair. This keeps the cat furniture looking its best for both you and your cat.Maintaining Cat Furniture keeps your cat furniture safer. Your cat will thank you!

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  1. my cats rarely use the cat tree; like brand new! lol they love to sleep or sit wherever I am am.. I have leather couch and have a plastic sheet then a fur like blanket over it..still got scratchings from them climbing up.

    My vet say microfibe couch but had a something like this and they ripped away the material at each arm.. In my last place I did have a futton..and the wood bit scratched but of course nothing happened to the futton itself..seems only solution..if you have a house..shut off with sliding door dinning room and living room; make a tv room for you and the cats …so good furniture is left for company.

  2. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    Great article. now that I own 7 different cat pieces I constantly check them. My biggest problem is the plastic thread used on the carpets. As they play and scratch rug comes off and exposes the thread. I found one in Satans poop and caught Squeaker swallowing it (while still attached to the carpet. I am now diligent and check every day to make sure there is none dangling down. If so I trim it often

  3. kathy downey says:

    Our cats only use their furniture and they have been taught that since small and the respect the rules when i’m home but i’m sure when we are gone they are all over everything.

  4. Right now our kitties are using our furniture as their sleeping quarters, play space and definitely as their scratching post! We need to invest in some kitty furniture and when we do, I’ll now know how to maintain it!

  5. Calvin F. says:

    Surprisingly my cat furniture is doing well.. can’t say the same with our human furniture..


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