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My 3 Little Kittens is the featured blog for this week’s Mixed Up Monday Link Up on MamaNYC!!


Mixed Up Monday Link Up Blog Linky Promote

Welcome to Mixed Up Monday Link Up! The rules are SIMPLE and the promotion and readership you will gain is HUGE! Make new friends, find some new followers, and have fun while doing it all!


[1] Follow your host: MamaNYC is in the #1 s lot for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Plus. Make sure you are following MamaNYC before anything!

[2] Follow this weeks Featured Follow [#2 slot on FB, Twitter, and G+!]

Featured Follow: I am looking to feature YOUR blog for the Featured Follow! Every week I will select one blogger to feature in the #2 slot on every linky for Mixed Up Monday meme. Interested? Fill out THIS form and I will feature your blog in the coming week(s). Hurry up and fill the form up to ensure a spot as soon as possible! I will send you an email letting you know which week you will be featured.

* The Featured Follow blogger must include a Mixed Up Monday Link Up post with the 3 linky codes for their scheduled week. I will provide a full HTML code for the page and linky tools to make things easier for you! This is a GREAT opportunity for promotion and gaining followers will be a cinche! 

[2] Add your links: Pay attention to the linky! Be sure to leave your correct links for each of the three linky tools. Here are some examples to get you going and understand the exact way to insert each of your links:


Mixed Up Monday Link Up Twitter Facebook Google+ Plus

[2] Follow at least [3] three other bloggers for each network [Facebook, Twitter, and Google+]

[3] Leave a comment to ensure you are recognized and hopefully followed back! This will let the other blogger know that you are following from Mixed Up Monday and thereafter they can follow you back.

[4] The more you follow, the more this will work: Although I have asked you to follow at least 3 other bloggers, I would recommend following ALL {or as many as you can!} of the participants.

[5] Have LOTS of fun and come back next Monday to do it all over again!

my 3 little kittens mixed up monday meme

This weeks FEATURED FOLLOW is Kristen over at My 3 Little Kittens!

“Whether you are a busy parent on a budget or just trying to enjoy the finer things in life for less, My 3 Little Kittens can help!  My name is Kristen and I write My 3 Little Kittens. I love saving time and money and have the skills to help others do the same. My 3 Little Kittens is filled with Giveaways, Product Reviews, Freebies, Coupons, Deals and More!  I pride myself in bringing you a family-friendly site that values high-quality products.  Unlike many “money-saving” pages, I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that anything free or cheap is worth it.  My philosophy is…blog with integrity and that is demonstrated in what you will find on My 3 Little Kittens!”

  Follow & Find: My 3 Little Kittens!

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