Netflix Birthday on Demand

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My son turned 10 in August. Throughout the years, I have always made sure that every birthday he has is as fabulous as I can make it. Birthdays should always be something special, especially when you are a kid. I was lucky enough to have Netflix added a little extra fantasticness to his day with their newest launch of their Birthday on Demand!

Netflix Birthday on Demand

Netflix Birthday on Demand!

So what is this exciting new Netflix addition? It gives you the chance to add some extra fun to your child’s birthday celebration. Simply search BIRTHDAY on Netflix. Then choose your child’s favourite character from a list of 15 choices and press play. Boom, magic! After all, who wouldn’t love their favourite character singing them Happy Birthday?!

15 Netflix Birthday on Demand Choices

So with 15 different birthday songs to choose from, what did my kids think? My 10-year-old son’s favourite is definitely Pokemon. He liked the fact that there were “older kid” options, such as the Ninjago and Legend Quest. As for my daughter, who is 8, she has already decided that when her birthday comes around, she will be requesting Barbie! My Little Pony came in a close second. As for my youngest, he will be enjoying Dinotrux wishes at his birthday coming up in January!

Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens is a proud member of the Netflix StreamTeam. All opinions are honest and that of My 3 Little Kittens.


  1. I wish we were Netflix subscribers! What a cute feature. My grandson would love a birthday song just for him!

  2. Karley Moore says:

    I have never heard of this. This is so cute and exciting!!! Love your Blog!

  3. kathy downey says:

    Wow this is so exciting thanks for sharing!

  4. kristen visser says:

    I just heard about this!! I think it is the coolest thing and I am so excited because we are big Netflix fans and my oldest has her birthday coming up 🙂

  5. I love Netflix! They are awesome. Thank you for this hack; I know my little godson will love this when his birthday comes up in January.

  6. This really sounds like a great idea and lots of fun too! My son likes Netflix and would enjoy this feature.

  7. This is so awesome, I know my granddaughter would love it!!

  8. Bashayer Khatib says:

    Awww how sweet, I love this!

  9. Sara Zielinski says:

    This looks like a great birthday.

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    This is a pretty new and great idea, kids will love it no doubt. 🙂

  11. Calvin F. says:

    This is a great idea, really like it. Genius

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