Ultimate Guide to Creating an Easter Basket for Your Cat

Right now, the local stores are gearing up for Easter. It is a time filled with chocolate, eggs, baskets and hopefully a fuzzy bunny or two. Yet, how often does your cat get to enjoy this fabulous holiday? After all, cats enjoy special goodies too, especially when those goodies include things they can eat and play with.  Spice the basket up with some awesome kitty goodness and you have the Ultimate Guide to Creating an Easter Basket for Your Cat! Choose {Read More}

Cat Dog Gifts

When it comes to making purchases for myself, I am always looking for cat-related goodies! Whether I am looking at apparel or coffee mugs, I am also looking for that perfect cat-inspired product! Thankfully, I found a website that offers cat lovers as well as dog lovers the perfect products! Cat Dog Gifts has everything from hoodies to coffee mugs at prices even my wallet can appreciate! When it came to deciding what awesome product I wanted to review, I {Read More}

Printable Cat Valentine’s Day Cards

We are already into 2019 and it is time to think about Valentine’s Day. As a cat lover, nothing says I love mew more than printable cat Valentine’s Day cards! With 3 adorable designs to choose from, these are perfect for kids of all ages to share! Printable Cat Valentine’s Day Cards Each card features an adorable gentleman cat and a sassy cat quote! My personal favourite is, “I Slow Blink for You,” which of course any cat lover can {Read More}

Why Do Some Cats Eat Mice?

On the mouse issue, cats fall into two camps: those who love to chase and eat them, and those who cannot be bothered. Have you ever wondered why some cats eat mice? Maybe yours doesn’t and you wonder why. Or maybe he does, and you’re wondering why? Let’s explore why some cats eat mice. Why Do Cats Eat Mice? Cats are born predators. It may not seem like it when your cute little buddy curls up in your lap and meows {Read More}

Weird But True! Canada – National Geographic Kids

When it comes to learning new facts, I don’t think it could ever get old. My kids have always enjoyed books with fun facts that most of us don’t even realize. Thankfully, we got the chance to check out Weird But True! Canada and it did not disappoint! Even though we live in Canada, we only knew a handful of the facts found in this book! Weird But True! Canada Since we live in Alberta, it was especially fun to {Read More}

5 Holiday Hazards for Your Cat

The holidays are here and there are so many fabulous things to look forward to. However, sometimes we forget that what is perfectly fine for us can pose a hazard to our pets. Whether you will be celebrating at home or with family, these 5 Holiday Hazards For Your Cat need to be addressed to keep kitty safe for Christmas! Decorations/Ornaments – What would the holidays be without all the fantastic Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decor galore?! However, these {Read More}

10 Christmas Cat Ornaments For Cat Lovers

December is finally here! For many of us, it is also the month where we just start to put up Christmas decorations. For me, the first thing to go up is always the tree. There is just something truly heartwarming about decorating the tree and enjoying all the pretty twinkling lights. As a cat lover, rest assured that my tree is decorated yearly with cat ornaments and a few special family ornaments to give it spice! For all those who {Read More}