Faith and How God Answers…

I want to tell you about real Faith and how sometimes, if we listen closely enough, we do get our answers…My Father passed away last year. He had been sick and I had tried so hard to “prepare” myself for the inevitable, but it truly is impossible to do that. You cannot even imagine what it feels like to loss someone you love until it has happened to you. It was a feeling like no other you could ever have. {Read More}

Dora Cake

So I finally finished my practice run on the Dora Cake.  The difficult part was the fact that the face and parts of the body actually stuck to the pan (due to cooling in the pan I baked in).  Thus, I had to freehand the drawing, but this was just a practice run to see about time-management and color for the finale Birthday Cake.  The products I use for my cakes are from Wilton.  I love their products 100%.  Thus, {Read More}

Playground Adventure

So as I mentioned earlier, today was the first day of the parent/child meet-up group.  We met at the local park (yes people, this is a perfect idea considering you never know who you are really meeting.  The profile may say Jane Doe, but when you get there…you might actually be meeting John Doe dressed in a Barney Costume who is convinced he is a life-size He-man Doll..HAHAH).    Anyway, in summation, it went well.  My son loved every minute of {Read More}

Another Busy Day.

Today will be another super busy day for me.  It is the first day of my parent/child meet-up group and interested to see how that turns out.  My children need a peer group and meeting new friends is always nice.  I will be attempting to add some preschooling lessons in as well today, but not so sure how that is going to go since the meet-up is during the best time of the day to start it.  I still have {Read More}

2nd Day Of Home Preschooling

So besides getting the blog more functional, today was the 2nd official day of home preschooling.  I have to say honestly that I am very blessed with a 3-year-old who is intelligent (sometimes too intelligent..*smile) and who very much loves to learn.  The first activity for today was focusing on art and our physical self, which basically entailed tracing hands and cutting them out to color.  Since I also have a 1-year-old, I make sure to add a variation of the {Read More}

Good Morning!!!!

It is Day 2 of my exciting blog adventure.  I just set-up the Facebook Fan Page to import my blog postings.  It only took me a few hours to figure out.  Yes, it is true, I am completely unfamiliar in this territory, which makes everything take 10 times longer than it should.  I am going to keep it short for right now as I continue to get much needed work on the blog done!  On a side note, today is officially day {Read More}

Facebook Fan Page Up and Running!

I have begun working on the Facebook Fan Page. It is a great way for everyone to keep track of how the blog is growing and new posts. Please take a minute and “like” the page!!