Easy Apple Pie Bites

All things fall fantastic are only a couple weeks away, with the start of fall being September 22nd! Fall has always been my absolute favourite time of year. It is the changing colours, delicious baking and weather you can’t pass up! One of my favourite fall fruits is apples. Everything delicious comes from when you bake with apples. I found the perfect apple recipe on the Food Network and my Easy Apple Pie Bites were created! Easy Apple Pie Bites {Read More}

Easy Ginger Halloween Cat Cookies

With Halloween on the horizon, it is time to start thinking all things spooky! It may came as no surprise that the majority of my Halloween decor is cat related. I prefer an adorable and whimsical Halloween versus gross and gory! Recently, I visited Bulk Barn to snag a few necessary supplies and my Easy Ginger Halloween Cat Cookies were created! The orange sprinkles make for a perfect ginger cat and the poofed up cat tail just screams Halloween! Easy {Read More}

Fresh Peach Cobbler

One of the best things about summer time is all the amazing fresh fruits you can find at the local grocery store. While there are some fruits that can be snagged year-round, such as bananas or strawberries, you really can’t beat the fresh peaches. Once I find peaches at the store, I am immediately psyched up to create something special and delicious! I wanted to create a Fresh Peach Cobbler for my husband and it turned out fantastically! I found {Read More}

Hairball Cupcakes

As a cat owner, we all know the joys of hairballs. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes. They tend to lurk in the dark corners until we wake up and find our foot stepping on them in a gross turn of events. Thankfully, these Hairball Cupcakes are nothing but delicious! While your cat can’t eat them, they will definitely approve! Hairball Cupcakes You Can’t Help But Love! Start by making your favourite cupcakes. Go with a boxed mix {Read More}

Unicorn Rainbow Floats

When it came time to decide between having a cake or cupcakes at my Daughter’s birthday, cupcakes won out. You can never go wrong with a single-serve, no plate necessary cupcake! Plus, my pink afternoon tea set deserved to be brought out from the cupboard to hold the delicious cupcakes! The second question was what the drinks would be for her party. With choices such as lemonade and juice on the table, I decided she needed something truly magical! I {Read More}

Meowgical Caticorn Cupcakes

What do you get when you combine rainbows, unicorns, cats, cupcakes and magic? You get Meowgical Caticorn Cupcakes! While you might be asking yourself how much kitty magic can be packed into a cupcake, don’t worry. You will find that these are just what your life has been missing. Kids of all ages will want these at their next meow party! Meowgical Caticorn Cupcakes You Can’t Resist! To begin this meowgical voyage into deliciousness, you start by baking and cooling {Read More}

Easy Kitty Cat Cupcakes For Kids

Several years ago, I purchased an adorable little kitty cat cookie cutter. I had come upon it while I was walking the aisles of Bulk Barn back when we lived only a couple blocks away from one! As someone who loves to bake and create, I miss having that store so very close! Fast forward to recently when I needed an idea for my Daughter’s official birthday cupcakes! These easy kitty cat cupcakes for kids really are the cat’s meow! {Read More}