Kid Friendly Kitty Cat Bagels

One food staple that my family has always enjoyed is bagels. They are easy and delicious. However, it was time to take it up a notch. These kid friendly kitty cat bagels are perfect for the bagel and cat loving kid! I can’t think of something more worth smiling about than an adorable cat bagel that tastes fantastic. Best of all, this recipe is fruit and veggie friendly for a healthy twist! Kid Friendly Kitty Cat Bagels What I love {Read More}

Malibu and Sprite Boozy Popsicles

Summer weather is in full swing here. My kids have been going to the pool often and hard to believe summer is on its way out in a few weeks! As I very rarely drink, I have never included an alcohol recipe on my blog until now! These Malibu and Sprite Boozy Popsicles are perfect for adults to enjoy during the summer! Malibu and Sprite Boozy Popsicles Obviously these boozy popsicles contain alcohol. Keep in mind that if you aren’t {Read More}

Pink Cat Freakshake

Summer is here and that means it is time to enjoy milkshakes! The recent craze to take the milkshake to the next level is called the freakshake. You take the awesomeness of a milkshake and combine the fun aspects of various candies and desserts. It is with this is mind that the Pink Cat Freakshake came to be! Pink Cat Freakshake Making this freakshake came together with the love of pink and cats. The pink and white theme really stayed {Read More}

Campfire Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze

Baking has always been one of my very favourite hobbies. It allows me to be creative, while also enjoying the necessity for measured ingredients. Plus, my house always smells fantastic and my family loves it! With summer almost here, it means camping season. For most, this means enjoying food over the fire and choosing foods that are easy to cook and simple. This is where my Campfire Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze comes in! Campfire Coffee Cake I found this fabulous {Read More}

Pusheen Cupcake Cookies

Pusheen has been a favourite cat character of mine for some time now. You can’t ever go wrong with a chubby kitty cat with frisky whiskers. I have a Pusheen Box Subscription and one of the products that arrived was a Pusheen cookie cutter! I finally got the opportunity to try out the cookie cutter and created delicious Pusheen Cupcake Cookies. I went with a sugar cookie recipe as this makes for an easy cookie base to decorate on. Pusheen Cupcake Cookies For the {Read More}

Five Fabulous Easter Treat Ideas

Easter is coming up quick. I can honestly say this is one of my very favourite baking holidays. The stores are filled with so many Easter goodies to bake with and they add that extra special touch to any delicious creation! These Five Fabulous Easter Treat Ideas are perfect for those that want to make something fantastic, but also want to save time! 5 Fabulous Easter Treat Ideas Jelly Bean Cupcakes – No child can resist these adorable treats! Easter Nests {Read More}

Easter Oreo Cookies

One of my favourite holidays to create yummy desserts for has always been Easter. It is the one time of year where the awesomeness of pastel colours really comes through! For this Easter, I wanted to go with something super easy to make, but also creative. I went with my Easter Oreo Cookies and they are perfect for kids of all ages! EASTER OREO COOKIES One of the best aspects to this yummy creation is the fact you only need {Read More}