How to Start a Blog in 5 Quick Steps

I started blogging almost seven years ago. It wasn’t something I took lightly and spent a good deal of time thinking about it prior to taking the plunge. Looking back on it now, I can see all the ways I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort, but as with most things, we learn as we go. Thankfully, I am going to tell you How to Start a Blog in 5 Quick Steps, which will get you up {Read More}

How to Resize Images After WordPress Theme Change

A WordPress theme change can come about for a number of reasons, most of which are good. Having said this, this also leads to necessary changes coming up that can become tedious. One of those is the need to resize images to fit your new theme. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be an image by image process. Instead, with the help of a user-friendly plugin, you can get your theme looking its very best for the road to come!To get {Read More}

Take Back Control of Your Facebook

I still can remember Facebook as it was years ago. The focus was on staying in contact with friends vs the focus of today, which is marketing. Over the years, Facebook has transformed considerably and in my opinion, not for the better. In saying this, I recently had my own epiphany moment and decided to take back control of my Facebook. I am tired of feeling overwhelmed by the constant running of my newsfeed. I found myself forgetting to actually interact {Read More}

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

It should come as no surprise that I absolutely love WordPress. When I began my blog years ago, I started on Blogger. That experience lasted all of a month before I made the switch to WordPress and never looked back. Whether you are a seasoned user or a newbie, working with WordPress makes everything better. I am often asked about must-have plugins. So for the many who have asked and for the many to come, here are what I consider {Read More}

Best WordPress Themes for Women Bloggers

Being a blogger for many years, I have seen my fair share of WordPress Themes. I am all about the best framework to start with, so I am all about Genesis. I made the transition to Genesis a short while back and never looked back. Best of all, Genesis allows you to throw up a child theme with a transition time that is almost non-existent. You can go from a blank slate to reasonably website chic in about the same {Read More}

How to Create an Email Template for Gmail {Great Resource Tip}

When it comes to time, I seem to have less and less of it each day. So anything that makes my daily tasks easier is a life-saver in my book! Since email is one of the things I get the pleasure of doing everyday {whether I like it or not}, I wanted to create a few easy templates that I could use to save a ton of time. So if you want to save a ton of time and use Gmail, {Read More}

How to Resize an Image

As a blogger, I am constantly resizing my images. Blog post container space differs per website and that means resizing an image is always necessary.  Unfortunately, there are so many that don’t know or feel confident enough to handle this on their own. They usually end up inserting an image that overlaps the space and trust me, this looks bad. And despite what you want to believe, visitors notice this instantly. A great post requires an equally great image. Hence, {Read More}