Unicorn Rainbow Floats

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When it came time to decide between having a cake or cupcakes at my Daughter’s birthday, cupcakes won out. You can never go wrong with a single-serve, no plate necessary cupcake! Plus, my pink afternoon tea set deserved to be brought out from the cupboard to hold the delicious cupcakes! The second question was what the drinks would be for her party. With choices such as lemonade and juice on the table, I decided she needed something truly magical! I decided on Unicorn Rainbow Floats. Not only are they easy to make, but kids of all ages can appreciate them!These Unicorn Rainbow Floats Make the Most Magical Drink! Kids of all ages will love this!

These Magical Unicorn Rainbow Floats Were a Party Favourite!

First, I decided to go with ginger ale for the base. It is something most everyone likes and pairs nicely with ice cream. For the ice cream, I went with Chapman’s Kids Princess Potion Ice Cream. It is a combination of pink marshmallow, blue cake and vanilla ice cream with sprinkles! I was honestly skeptical on the taste as that was my first time buying this particular ice cream, but it ended up tasting like joy in your mouth! I served each float in a plastic wine glass to add to the fantasticness. The kids all loved how they fizzed and I topped each with rainbow sprinkles!

Perfect inspiration for the unicorn rainbow floats!

The floats were a huge hit at the party and you couldn’t help but smile drinking one. To add to the fabulousness of it all, one of the guests decided to have her face painted as a rainbow unicorn! It tied in so perfectly with the party floats!

Unicorn Rainbow Floats make the perfect drink!

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  1. Oh my gosh that would be a fun recipe to make. I love the colors that it has and I know everyone in our family would enjoy it.

  2. Unicorns + Rainbows = LIFE! I must make these. My daughters and I would have such a great time with these on the back porch.

  3. Those looks super tasty and super fun. I’m all about rainbows and unicorns. One of the reasons I love Ireland so much is that their national animal is the Unicorn. Look it up, it’s true!

  4. Those floats look so yummy! I love the colors and the flavors here. I know my kids would love it, too. Thanks!

  5. Unicorn rainbow floats look delicious! I need to try this recipe. It’s the perfect time of year for floats every day of the week.

  6. Aww, this is such a cute treat! I like the rainbow theme a lot. The ice cream you picked out sounds so good with ginger ale!

  7. robin rue says:

    Such a fun treat idea. My niece is obsessed with unicorns, so I will HAVE to make her one the next time she comes to my house.

  8. What a cute idea! My kids would absolutely love this snack!

  9. Love this fun colorful treat, sure beat plain vanilla or choclate any date. Would love to make it as a surprise for our kids.

  10. Those look amazing. Unicorn stuff is so big right now. Many are loving all these unicorn recipes and such. I can’t wait to try these floats out.

  11. My daughter is unicorn obsessed!!! I want to make one of these for her!

  12. Claudia Krusch says:

    I will have to get the ingredients I need to make some Unicorn Rainbow Floats this weekend. They look so delicious I am sure they will be a big hit.

  13. Love floats! It’s totally awesome that you decided to serve this at a kids’ party! The kids will go crazy for a float this magical and what more if the theme of the party is Unicorns! I love the idea and I’m definitely going to consider getting that ice cream the next time!

  14. All little girls are obsessed with unicorns. What a great idea! These milkshakes look delicious!

  15. Oh, wow!! This is really AHH-mazing!! My kids will flip for these!!

  16. These look amazing! My daughter would go crazy if I made her one. Might have to surprise her.

  17. These are such cute things. All the kids are into unicorn things these days so I am sure these are going to be a big hit.

  18. Can’t get enough of this unicorn trend! Love how colorful this is. Perfect for a party.

  19. Those kitty cat cards turned out beautifully. I am sure my daughters would love to try the Unicorn Rainbow Floats.

  20. What a cute website! I love those cards they are adorable!
    I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. You deserve it 🙂 I linked your blog to my post: http://www.stayathomecatmom.com/blogger-recognition-award/

    Thanks for being amazing! And Giving such fun content!
    Meow for now!
    Alicia & Rose from Stay at Home Cat Mom

  21. Oh, my gosh my daughter would love this recipe! I love all pretty all the colors come together and I love your daughters face paint as well!

  22. kathy downey says:

    My granddaughters are obsessed with unicorns right now,this would be a nice treat to make with them !

  23. As someone who was a child and lived through the original unicorn mania of the 1980’s, I don’t understand this recent unicorn everything craze. LOL! But, I do know one little girl (my niece) who will love this treat the next time she visits for an Aunty/Niece date.

  24. Calvin F. says:

    lol these are so colourful and bright to look at, delicious and sweet too!

  25. Travelbuds says:

    My daughter would love this. I will do with her and my son one night for a treat.

  26. Maryann D. says:

    I am sure these Magical Unicorn Rainbow Floats would be a hit at any party! I would enjoy it myself and I know a lot of others who would be happy to have one too!

  27. lori galbraith says:

    I could handle a Unicorn Rainbow Float no matter what the temperature outside!

  28. Those floats look so pretty! I think I will make these for my daughter’s birthday!

  29. These floats are so pretty! They could be part of the party decorations!

  30. Tammy Dalley says:

    these are pretty awesome, my kids would love these!


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