Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Cat

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I always consider February to be the month of love. With Valentine’s Day only a couple weeks away, it is time to start planning that special day with the one you love. In this case, I am talking about your amazing cat.

You know that the love between you and your fur baby is true, so celebrate Valentine’s Day with your cat! These cat-approved suggestions will help you prepare the best day together ever!

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Cat. Hearts and Love included!

Celebrate With Your Kitty Cat!

Dress for the Occasion – You and your feline friend want to dress up. Check out these Adorable Cats in Bow Ties for some inspiration. For you, make sure to wear something that doesn’t make cat hair obvious, such as the colour black. I recommend a cat-themed dress or shirt to spice up the day!

Prepare the Purrfect Meal – When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it is super important that you get the meal just right for your cat. My cats enjoy Purina Cat Chow for All Cats! It provides just the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to keep your cat satisfied! The high quality protein is also easy to digest, so no gassy cat problems to worry about! I should also point out that I have 9 cats and each of my cats absolutely enjoy Purina Cat Chow. When they hear the sound of the Cat Chow hitting the bowl, they always come running! As for you, go with something that compliments your cat’s meal. Think protein meets delicious! Perhaps a chicken breast or steak?

Catify your Vocabulary – Nothing says you matter quite like catifying what you say. It is not only fun for you, but your cat appreciates the gesture. Check out this Catified Vocabulary and treat your cat like the heaven-sent blessing they are!

Prepare a Special Treat – Your cat means the world to you, so why not go the extra mile and prepare a special treat for him or her to enjoy throughout the day! These Figaro’s Favourite Cat Treats are a huge hit in my home and are sure to be in yours! Best of all is that everything in these cat treats are edible for YOU as well. Who knows, maybe you will like them too?!

Spend Quality Time with Your Cat – Nothing tops off a great day by just spending time together. Get out some catnip and cat toys and play with your cat. Your cat loves you and values all the time you spend with him or her. Don’t be surprised when you find that you enjoy this just as much as your cat!

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Disclosure: My 3 Little Kittens is proud to be a Purina Pet People Ambassador. All opinions are honest and that of My 3 Little Kittens.


  1. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    Ty for the post. Can’t dress them up cuz I WANT TO LIVE!! LOL BUT got the rest covered

  2. These are cute ideas. I love the idea of taking photos together and playing dress up. Great way to have fun and also keep memories down the line. Pinning!