Christmas Candy Cane Eggnog

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It is the time of year where Christmas Eggnog is hitting the shelves! My dad was a huge fan of eggnog and I always make sure to purchase it as soon as I see it at the grocery store. This year, I decided I wanted to create a fun way to enjoy eggnog, which resulted in Christmas Candy Cane Eggnog! I was able to find the most adorable mini mason jars that were beyond perfect for the eggnog presentation!

You will need:
Mini candy canes
red sprinkles
green sprinkles
Christmas Candy Cane Eggnog

You definitely need a cute set of shot glasses or mini mason jars to put this look over-the-top for Christmas. I ran water over the lip area of each mini mason jar and then rolled them in the sprinkles. I then poured eggnog into each jar and added a candy cane to finish the look.

What I love best about the candy cane is that it actually starts to drip the peppermint into the eggnog, so you can have some fun stirring the eggnog with the candy cane for that fun flavour punch!


This delicious beverage would pair perfectly with my 10 Christmas Cookies You Have to Make! Make sure to check it out as well!


  1. Absolutely adorable presentation!

  2. kathy downey says:

    Everything looks so perfect

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